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Kym Huynh —  February 6, 2018 — Leave a comment

The Jelly Processing Plant is definitely a fun game. As a buzz in a jelly factory, you have to sort through all the Jelly and place them according to their barrels. Make a mistake three times and you are out! You are also tasked with disposing of the defects, in this case, ice cream. Not to worry though as you have your skeith friend to eat up all the ice cream for you! Here’s a few game guide tips to help you get that high score you wanted.

You will start out with the conveyer belt running slowly, but don’t let that put you off. As you proceed in levels, the belt will gradually speed up until you wish you were back on level 1 speed. Positioning of yourself is crucial in the later levels as the better positioned you are, the faster you can sort through the jellies and the more points you can accumulate. If you are too far to the edge, you risk missing picking up the jellies all together and lose a mark. I would recommend staying as close to the dispensing chute as possible are you are able to quickly pick up the jelly and run off with it while not risking another jelly falling off the conveyer belt while you are away. To exemplify this, take a look at this image:

As you can see, as the buzz picks up the first red jelly, another one has dropped. By the time the first jelly has been sorted, the other jelly should be somewhere near where the buzz currently is. Whereas, if the buzz was at the end, then second jelly might fall off.

Some people claim that being near the chute is the worst possible position due to the amount of time it takes to travel across the belt and up into the sorting bins. However, they fail to realize that you only need to press up to reach the bins up there. Once you are done depositing the jellies into the correct bins, then press down and you are back on the conveyer belt!

Reaching that top bin from the bottom belt only took one press of a key, ‘up’. Using this technique is important as it will save a lot of time which is needed for the later levels.

Ice creams are great! Although mistakenly made in the plant, they will give you time to rest in between sorting. Let the ice creams drop into the skeith’s mouth. If the skeith eats four ice creams, you will receive a bonus which will be added to your score in the next round. If your skeith eats four ice creams of the same colour, you get 40 bonus points! A funny thing happens when skeiths eat icecreams, try it and see. Anyways, here’s an example of ice-cream.

Let the skeith eat the ice-cream. If he eats four, you get a bonus.

Finally, Neopets states that if you are clogged up, you can drop items into the first belt to delay the arrival of the ice cream or jelly. I strongly urge you not to do this as this creates a lot of problems later on. Only use this if you are aiming to feed the skeith only one type of ice-cream so you can receive a high bonus. Just simply keep delaying the ice-cream until the right ones come along to complete the set of four ice creams.

This is the first conveyer belt used to delay items.

This is what happens if you keep delaying the jellies.

That about wraps up this guide. Remember, its only a game, don’t worry if you drop one over, the game isn’t over until you drop three 🙂 Good Luck!

Extra Details
When the Skeith eats..

4 ice creams of the same colour : 40 points

3 ice creams of the same colour with 1 of another colour : 15 points

2 ice creams of the same colour with another 2 of the same colour : 10 points

If you miss seeing what ice cream the skeith eats, you can always see if you get a bonus from the skeith’s reactions. Burping : no bonus. – Shoyru_Lover

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