Jelly Blobs of Doom Guide by kaioti

Kym Huynh —  March 2, 2018 — 1 Comment

One of the most exciting additions to Jelly World is this game (in my view anyway!). In it, you play a jelly Chomby whose simple goal in life is to eat jelly. Unfortunately for you some of that jelly is much too big to eat and trying to take a bite out of it will only get you trapped (game over). Here are tips to getting a high score in this game:

  1. Control your motions. The ‘floor’ upon which you stand is slightly slippery. You can slide across it easily. Get used to the dynamics before trying any fancy moves otherwise you may over shoot your goal and miss or worse yet get stuck in a blob too big to eat!
  2. Wait for jelly blobs of appropriate size to come along. It can be frustrating to watch the jelly you want for points slide off-screen, but eventually there will be more. There is no time limit so just relax.
  3. When in doubt – don’t. You can only eat jelly blobs of smaller size than you are. If you aren’t sure about the size of a blob (some look ALMOST small enough to eat but aren’t), don’t go near it. As a rule, the darker the jelly, the better. Unless Neopets changes this later the smaller blobs of jelly are always the darker colors.
  4. Growth is a mixed blessing. The more jelly you eat, the bigger you get. But don’t let your size go to your head! Sure, you get to eat bigger blobs, but the bigger you get the easier it becomes to misjudge your size versus the size of jellies, so be careful. It also gets harder to avoid some of the larger blobs as you occupy more space.
  5. Avoid the sides of the screen whenever possible. The blobs of jelly always come from the sides, so staying towards the middle is to your advantage. The blobs move at varying speeds, so watch out!

Hope these hints help!

Kym Huynh


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  1. Thanks for sharing the love.

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