Jelly Blobs of Doom Guide by Barryc

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Hello people, I am going to teach you a little something about Jelly Blobs of Doom. Firstly, if you don’t already, you can’t find Jelly Blobs of Doom in the games room because its destination is in Jelly World (and yes that does exist).

But you don’t need to know where Jelly World is because you can find the game in other people’s high score list. Now you have found the game. Click the play button and wait for it to load. The point of the game is to move around the arena avoiding all the blobs that are bigger than you.

Why you ask? Because strangely enough, they eat you and then you lose the game. To become bigger you need to eat the jelly blobs that are smaller than you. My tactic to this is “if you aren’t sure you are big enough to eat it, then don’t”. Another thing about Jelly Blobs of Doom is that the arena is slippery and you need to press in the opposite direction if you want to stop immediately.

Now we are off the basics and I will tell you that you can actually go through the walls on the outside of the arena and you will end up on the other side. But don’t be fooled, it is dangerous and you might get eaten by an incoming jelly on the other side. Now if you think you really suck you can get extra points by typing in: rainbownegg. A rainbow negg will appear on the screen, get it quick before it disappears you will notice that it gives you 50 points, now there’s a start! Or you can type in fishnegg and that will make a fish negg appear on the screen which you need to get fast. This one will only give you ten points.

If you find all that pretty boring why don’t you try this one, type in something random like “hjfglshgflahgdkjhg” and a giant blue jelly blob will appear on the screen (it’s really quite amusing) but if you don’t get it right the first time just type some more random gibberish.

If you are worrying about cheating in Neopets with the codes, I will relieve you by saying the following: they are all legal game codes designed by The Neopets Team to add more fun to some games.

There you have it, my guide to Jelly Blobs of Doom. Now you know every thing I know about it. Have fun playing and I hope it helps! – Barryc



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