Hubrids Hero Heist Guide by jonathan21340

Kym Huynh —  February 2, 2015 — Leave a comment

This game has many levels and its a great game if you want to sit down for a long time and earn 1000np every play (that’s if you follow my guide). It may take along time and can get boring through every level but it is worth it, especially if you get the trophy for this game.

The main aim of this game is to stay alive while killing all the monsters in each level. The game is relatively easy if you know what your doing and what each monster does.

Here are the list of main monsters in the game:

Kacheek: This is the most common monster in the whole game, and it is the most easiest to kill, it only walks and climbs up ladders on each platform/s.

Ghost Lupe: I would say this is the mot dangerous monster, because it runs faster and it shoots bones at you. But you may think, you can sneak up behind it. Watch out the Lupe may be walking one way but out of no where it turns around and shoots. My best strategy with this monster is to wait on the platform above the Lupe, and wait until it shoots. When it shoots straight go down by teleporting or by jumping of the platform and get the Lupe then.

Shoyru: This is another monster that shoots but it is not as dangerous as the Lupe. It cannot climb up and down ladders, and it doesn’t turn around and shoot you. Best thing when your against this enemy is to sneak behind it and attack it then.

Dark Faerie: After a certain amount of level this Dark Faerie comes out of nowhere and starts shooting you. Watch out for it and make sure not to get in its way, especially when it fires at you. Also do not try and kill the faerie because you cannot kill it!

There are many more monster but apart from the Ghost Lupe, Shoyru and the Dark Faerie no other monster shoots.

In the game it is a must to try and save every one of your health lives. When you reach 10,000 and 100, 000 points you get one life. So make sure you don’t die, or waste any of your lives.

Every time you kill a enemy there is a fruit that will give you bonus points, what i do is kill one enemy, collect the fruit, then after i have gotten the fruit i kill another. This way you get all the bonus points.

Ok now its up to you to get the highest possible score and maybe even a nice trophy, make sure you follow all these steps ive given you because it will help you in the Neopet game.

Good Luck. – jonathan21340

Kym Huynh


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