Hassee Bounce: Can You Bounce With the Best of Them? by seremalvado

Kym Huynh —  June 9, 2018 — 1 Comment

Ahem. One of the easiest games in the Action area of the Games Room is Hasee Bounce. Mainly, you have two Hasees, an Orange Hasee named Woogy and a Purple Hasee named Jimmi. They are on a seesaw, and you alternate jumping down on it to get Doughnutfruit for points. The Doughnutfruit are as follows:

  • Yellow: 1 point
  • Blue: 3 points
  • Green: 4 points
  • Silver: 5 points
  • Gold: 10 points
  • Sponge: 15 points
  • Flaming: 18 points
  • Ice: 20 points
  • Rainbow: 40 points
  • Fish: 50 points (wow)

The whole point, obviously, is to get as many points as possible. Since the game is 300 nps for every 100 pts, it is very easy to get a lot of neopoints. Although it is a timed game with the time bar at the top of the screen, you can lengthen your time by jumping down and “eating” the colored letters that come across the screen with the Doughnutfruit. The letters spell HASEE, but there is a catch. Woogy, the Orange Hasee, only eats orange letters, and Jimmi, the Purple Hasee, only eats purple letters. Each letter is two points, so you get points along with time. They give you two seconds to your time. When you spell HASEE with the five letters, you get a time bonus BUT NO EXTRA NEOPOINTS. If you spell HASEE with a mix of purple and orange letters, there is a 20 second bonus. If you spell HASEE with all of one color, like all purple letters, then you get a 40 SECOND BONUS added to your time. This helps a lot but is very difficult to do, so don’t try unless you have a lot of time to spare.

Now here’s a nifty bit of information: when you jump down onto more than one Doughnutfruit, it doubles. For instance, if Jimmi jumps down and lands on a yellow Doughnutfruit, you get one point. Jimmi’s weight tosses Woogy into the air, and he eats a Yellow Doughnutfruit, which gives him two points, for a total of three points! However, if Jimmi eats a Sponge Doughnutfruit on the way down and Woogy eats a Blue Doughnutfruit on the way up, the Sponge Doughnutfruit will be 15 points, and the Blue Doughnutfruit will be six points. Be careful how the points are doubled, though, because it is in the order that they are eaten, not the highest points get the bonus. Letters can double as well, but the time amount awarded is not. You don’t get four seconds from one letter if you eat a fruit before it, but you do get four points.

Don’t eat the junk and the poo!! Yucky stuff floats across the screen as well, and if you land on that, then the Hasee that ate it will not be able to eat anything for a few seconds! This can be very frustrating and tends to happen right before good Doughnutfruits appear. Avoid the poo!

Now that you have all of that nifty background information, here is the easiest and most lucrative way to get 1,000 neopoints per game:

To play, you can either use the arrow keys to move and the space bar to jump, or the mouse button to jump and the mouse to move. I recommend using the keyboard since it is easier to manipulate. When the game starts out, it usually begins with Woogy up top and Jimmi on the bottom. Watch the yellow fruits, and if possible, don’t eat them unless you can double or triple them. Just one yellow Doughnutfruit at a time makes the game go very slowly, and it usually ends up with the Hasee’s missing higher fruits or letters. It will announce when Blue, Green, Silver, Gold, Sponge, Flaming, Ice, Rainbow, and Fish Doughnutfruits are getting ready to cross the screen, along with if you eat a letter or get a time bonus or if you eat poo or junk. When you see the announcement flash across the screen of a higher Doughnutfruit about to pass across the screen, wait and see what direction it is coming from. Try to make it a double or a triple. For instance:

There was an announcement that a Fish Doughnutfruit (50 points) was coming. I waited and watched the Fish Doughnutfruit come across the screen from the left. I was lucky and had Jimmi up top on the right side, and two Yellow Doughnutfruits came on the right and lined up with the Fish Doughnutfruit for a total of 153 points! Being patient got me a whole bunch of points in a few seconds, so make sure to wait and not jump down right away to eat the fruit.

Here Are a Few Tricks

When you’re falling through the air, you can move using the arrow keys in the air towards the fruit. Be careful, since you can also move towards the poo and the junk. This makes it easy to get through the air and pick up more fruit than just jumping up and down.

Make sure when you’re coming to the end of the game to hug the exterior sides of the screen. You have a higher chance of picking up fruits and not missing them on your way up than picking up poo or junk, and that means more point bonuses.

When it gets down to the last five seconds or so, type the word Doughnutfruit. It will restore all of your time, but you can only use it once per game. It only refills your time bar, so be careful how close to the end of your game you get before you type it. If you are halfway through typing it and you run out of time, you will not be able to finish typing and the game is over.

Important Numbers to Remember

  • 167 points: 501 NPs
  • 200 points: 600 NPs
  • 234 points: 702 NPs
  • 267 points: 801 NPs
  • 300 points: 900 NPs
  • 334 points: 1,000 NPs

Most Importantly

Remember to watch for letters and high fruits. Only get yellows if you can double or triple them. Try to double as much as you can since it is more points in a shorter period of time. Near the end of your time, hug the sides of the game. Letters are more important than any of the Doughnutfruit less than 10 points, so unless it’s a Gold, Sponge, Flaming, Ice, Rainbow or Fish Doughnutfruit, go for the letters. Time is crucial! And finally….

Don’t forget to type Doughnutfruit in the last 5-10 seconds, depending on how fast a typist you are. It gives you full time and has the potential to more than double your score! – seremalvado

Kym Huynh


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