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The Basics

Okay, this is a really easy game! You are in control of 2 Hasees, the orange one “Woogy”, and the purple one ‘Jimmi”. Okay you have them one on a balance board and the other on a tree branch. Only the one on the tree branch can move, the other one is idle until the other jumps, and lands, from the tree branch.

Confused? Okay, say Woogy is on the tree and Jimmi is on the balance board. Jimmi can not jump until Woogy lands on the board. When the other one goes up, Jimmi, he can only move side to side and he jumps immediately once Woogy lands. Then he can walk till’ you see a doughnutfruit, then jump!

Now if you have no idea how to make them move here you go. You can use either the key board, which I find easier, or the mouse. The keyboard you use the left and right arrows to move and the space bar to jump. The mouse, you move it left to right to move and click you jump.

What Are Those Letters?

Now the letters, you play and you see a letter go by and you think, “What the heck is THAT?” Well, it is a letter doughnutfruit. They come in two colors, purple and orange. Look at your two Hasees one is purple and the other is orange. Accident? I think not! Only the purple can pick up the purple ones and the orange to the orange! Easy enough. But what purpose do they serve? Well, If you collect the letters H A S E E and extend your time by 20 seconds! But, if you spell HASEE all in the same color you get a 40 seconds time extension!!


There is more! DO NOT COLLECT ANYTHING BUT DOUGHNUT FRUIT AND LETTERS! Everything else will make the Hasee that collected it “sick” temporarily. That means no doughnutfruit for a while! Not even the rare ones!

A Super Cool Cheat!

Also, when you are about out of time, just type in DOUGHNUTFRUIT, not in caps, on your keyboard. Be sure that you still have a little time, enough to type it, and it will reset your time! AND you keep your score and letters! That is right no score reset! But this only works once per game! So reload your game by pressing F5 for it to work again! Make sure you do not use the space bar when you type this!

Point Multiplying

There is more! If you catch 1 doughnutfruit say worth 1, then, in the same jump, catch one worth 2 normally it is worth DOUBLE the points making it worth 4 points! Like if Woogie catches a yellow one for 1pts, then Jimmi catches another one, in the same jump, it is now worth 2 points for that jump only! Do this a lot it will give you a lot of points! Do it especially if it is say a fish doughnutfruit CATCH A YELLOW ONE FIRST IN THE SAME JUMP! The the fish! If you cannot, you cannot, don’t stress try again next time!!

Here Are the Points

Fish 50 points
Rainbow 40 points
Ice 20 points
Fire 18 points
Sponge 15 points
Checkered 12 points
Gold 10 points
Silver 5 points
Green 4 points
Blue 3 points
Yellow 1 points

Extra Notes

Oh yes, more on the doubling, After say you catch 2 than another, it is worth TRIPLE the points!!! Yeah, cool! If out of a spur of luck catch 5 in a row the first is X0 the second X2 the third X3 the fourth X4 the fifth X5 the points!!! COOL!

Well that is all for now! Best of luck! – Tennisrks

Kym Huynh


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