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Woggy (orange Hasee) and Jimmi (purple Hasee) are the main characters who are jumping up and down the seesaw.

Get the doughnutfruits and letters (and sometimes there is Ollie the Phantom Shirt Guy there) before time runs out.

How to Move

Mouse: Move the mouse around
Arrows: Left and right arrows

How to Jump

Mouse: Left Click
Arrows: Up and down arrows


To get your score or points you have to get the letters, doughnutfruit and sometimes Ollie the Phantom Shirt Guy (if he is there because he rarely comes). Here is the score for the different colors of the doughtnutfruits:

  • Yellow Doughnutfruit: 1 point or sometimes 2 points
  • Blue Doughtnutfruit: 3 points
  • Green Doughtnutfruit: 4 points
  • Sliver Doughtnutfruit: 10 points
  • Checkered Doughtnutfruit: 12 points
  • Sponge Doughnutfruit: 15 points
  • Flaming Doughtnutfruit: 18 points
  • Gold Doughtnutfruit: 20 points
  • Icy Doughtnutfruit: 20 points (or it can be 40 points)
  • Fish Doughtnutfruit: 50 points
  • Rainbow Doughnutfruit: 80 points


The letters are one of the most important parts of the game, if there weren’t any then there would be no challenge. The letters give you 2 points and 2 seconds. So because you have to spell out HASEE it would give you 10 points in total and 10 seconds and plus 20 seconds you get when you get the 5 letters so that gives you 30 seconds total.

Also the Hasee has to be the same color as the letter. For example the purple Hasee cannot get the orange letter but the orange Hasee can get it but it can’t get the purple letter. And remember that if one of them has eaten dung (the brown stuff) or the snotty balls (green stuff) it will not be able to get the letters.

Dung or Any Other Gross Things

The gross stuff like the dung and snotty balls is something you wouldn’t want you Hasee to eat. Because when it does it will have stars around its head which makes them not be able to eat doughtnutfruits or the letters or get the Ollie the phantom shirt guy. It doesn’t take away any points or time but it just wastes your time. So best advice; don’t get to much dung/gross things. But it would be better if you don’t get any but its fine to get like 1 or 2.

Ollie the Phantom Shirt Guy

He is just a cheat there in the game but you still earn points if your Hasee gets him and that amount is 42 points. He rarely comes though. He has come to my game only once or twice.


  • One of the cheats is where you get 1,000,000 neopoints but it goes away quickly. So when you are playing type pleasegivemeonemillionneopointsthankyouhasee. But don’t try sending the score because it doesn’t work.
  • In the starting of the game type DOUGHNTFRUI and forget about the t. and when you need time type “t”. And you should get time.
  • When you collect all letters you get +20 seconds but if you get all letters in the same color you get +40 seconds. – Miley_Cyrus_rocks_8



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