Harry Potter Game: Moody’s Magical Eye Guide by Natalie

Kym Huynh —  September 11, 2017 — 1 Comment

Harry Potter sponsor game on NeopetsWhen you first play this game, it’ll seem bloody ridiculous to beat or even get a decent score on, partially because the instructions in-game, in my opinion, are absolute bullocks. However, once you’ve got the hang of things, it’s really not all that difficult.

To start with, get to know the elements of the game:

Moody is the one controlling “the eye”, and the spider things that come from the floor, is up against the north wall. He moves against the wall only, in a left-right motion. If you touch him, your game is over.

The Eye is an extension of Moody used to detect you. It’ll move in: zig-zag motions either up and down or side to side, sweeping across the room in an attempt to find you; in a free-form motion following you, or it’ll disappear and pop back up where you were last standing.

The Spiders are controlled by Moody’s imperius curse. If you touch one of them, you’ll be detected and your game will be over. You can move in and out of them, however, that maneuver is extremely difficult. Best to just avoid them.

“Eye on a stick” is my way of referring to the detection process Moody uses when he waves his hands and a long arm with the eye on it extends at a 90 degree angle from the north wall and proceeds to sweep either left or right, in an attempt to detect you.

Sparkly blue cloud is not directly harmful, but it does cause you to slow down, so your movements are less controlled and more laggy, so you have a greater chance of being seized by the spiders or the eye.

You are the floating glasses. You’ll be wanting to avoid all the aforementioned thing by use of controlled circles and back and forth movements. Along the way, you’ll want to grab for the book or the potion that randomly appears. The book is worth 100 bonus points, while the potion is worth 50. You also gain 3 points every second you manage to stay undetected.

Now that you know the different elements of the game, let’s talk avoidance strategies.

The eye

When the eye is following you free-style, my best suggestion is to quickly go in a controlled circle. This not only keeps you at bay from bumping into Moody, it also makes the chances of the eye touching you decrease greatly.

When the eye is moving in a zig-zag motion, your best bet is to move quickly in a straight line. If it’s moving from the top of the room (The wall Moody is on) to the bottom, ‘horizontally’, the best escape is to move in a vertical line when it’s at the sides of the room. Same for side-to-side, ‘vertically’, only you’ll move horizontally as it reaches the top or bottom of the room to avoid it.

When you are faced with the ‘eye on a stick’, you will see Moody wave his hands in a few circles first. Notice the color of circles. The eye-on-a-stick color will be blue with a few golden rings tossed in. This is when you need to move to the North wall next to Moody as the stick-eye does its sweep. DO NOT MOVE FROM MOODY, not even to pick up an item. One it’s nearly parallel to the wall, you’ll need to be ready to move as soon as it disappears.

When the eye is apparating and disapparating, you’ll want to move as soon as it’s disapparated and keep moving until it’s reapparated, because it reappears wherever you were last standing. It will only apparate/disapparate 5 times in a cycle, at the most.

The spiders

You’ll know the spiders are coming when Moody waves his hands in the circle and the rings around his hands are a purplish/red color. The spiders are simple: Don’t touch ’em. You can weave through them if necessary, but honestly it’s more trouble than it’s worth. Just avoid them as much as possible.

The blue sparkly blurb

Don’t let it get you. You’ll know it’s coming when Moody waves his hands and the circles are plain blue, gold or purple. Just go in circles to avoid it – it’ll disappear in about 6 seconds. If it does get you, it’ll just slow you down and increase your chances of getting caught. It wears off after 10 seconds or so, I’d say, so no biggie if you do get caught.


Mainly, don’t be too risky with getting items. If the eye is moving free-style, chances are Moody is going back and forth across the north wall–it would be foolish to attempt to grab something in his path. Like I said before, the book is worth 100 bonus points and the potion is worth 50, and they both appear fairly often (I find the book appears more frequently, but if you get one potion, you’re likely to get 2 or 3 after that).

If you just properly follow my evading techniques, and know what is your enemy / what they can do, you’ll have 1,000 points in no time. Since the NP ratio is 100 NP for every 100 points scored, it shouldn’t take too long at all. Once I’ve hit the 1,000 mark, I touch Moody to end the game, because the NP is all I care about from it. 🙂

Kym Huynh


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