Guide to Becoming a Krawps High Roller by Konidias

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This game is pretty recent, and I have found that it can be a very quick way to make a lot of neopoints if you know what you’re doing. The goal is to win the “bilgeline” which is the matching number the skull is on. You can bet many other ways, but I have made a system that I prefer and use myself.

Just a quick comment, I have made over 100,000 neopoints in one day playing this game alone! 🙂

First off, you might want to start playing with low chip denominations. Of course, if you want to make the big money, go for the max (300 np per chip).

For your first move, place 5 chips on the bilgeline, and roll the dice. You have a good chance of not losing this right away but unluckiness is a possibility. (I have gotten 2-3 bilge wins in a row on my first roll) When you get a bilge win, you roll a 7 or an 11 the first time, you automatically win neopoints. Keep rolling until the skull lands on a number. Now you should have 5 chips on the bilgeline and the skull on one of the 6 numbers.

Okay, now for the next step. You DO NOT want to use Anchor at all. I have found after much testing, that I usually lose the anchor bet as much as I win it, and in the end I come out with the same amount of np or less.

Ardway and Hi Lo are also bets I tend to avoid. Hi Lo is difficult to win, and Ardway is a shot in the dark and I don’t recomment any of those 3 betting systems (Ardway, Hi Lo, Anchor)

Now, look at your skull number. Once you have played a while, you will know what numbers the dice roll on often. For me, it’s 4,5, and 9. If the skull is on one of those numbers, you might want to put down some chips on the ODDS area. If you aren’t too positive that you’re going to roll on the skull number, then don’t put chips here.

Next, I put at least 1 chip on each of the top numbers. If I’m feeling extra lucky, I put more. You have good odds of landing on at least one of the top numbers. 😉 Now simply roll until you win or lose the bilge. I have found that my winning is better then my losing, although you WILL LOSE. Losing is going to occur a lot, and you might just want to give up and never play again, but I have found I win more then I lose, so the odds are with you.

So one more time, for an entire run of Krawps, I place 5 chips on the bilgeline, roll until I get a skull, I place 5 chips on the Odds and 1 chip on each of the top numbers. I continue rolling until I win or lose. The best possible scenario is to land on all of the top numbers, and then win the bilge (I have done this a few times).

Some important tips you should follow in order to hit it big:

-Set a limit for how much you are willing to lose. Don’t keep playing after you reach that limit thinking that you can just win all your money back, because sometimes the odds can be against you and you have to know when to run.

-Once you make about 20,000 np it’s a good idea to put it away in your bank so that you don’t get as tempted to bid with your winnings carelessly. -If you plan on making a good amount of neopoints from this game, then you HAVE to take risks, and always have the chips set to 300 because if you bet 20 measily np per game, you’re not going to get anywhere. (although it’s good to start out small just to get used to the game)

I played this game for around an hour and made 70,000 neopoints. So if you have about 5-6 thousand neopoints to gamble with, then take my advice, and play the Krawps. 🙂 If you benefit from this guide, I hope that you could reward me with some items or things on neopets. My account is konidias there, so enjoy my guide and good luck! – Konidias

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