Grundos Gym Guide by Shoyru_Lover

Kym Huynh —  January 30, 2017 — Leave a comment

Membership cards are no longer 1000np, they have been changed to 200

This game is one of the most neglected games on Neopets. Unfortunately, not many people are informed of the riches that this game can bring you! I am aiming for 50,000np each day for this game, currently, I only receive 6000np every day from this game (and growing by a thousand every 5 days) but with perseverance, you can turn 1000 everyday to 50,000 everyday (and growing!)

This game works through a straight forward method. Like most games, the money is slow at the start but the more you play, the more you get! Although the money you receive from training inst a lot, by completing the levels, the money is enormous after some dedicated time! Every time you complete 5 levels, you receive a membership card (which can be sold) and your pet stats get upgraded or a skill increased one level! The amount of membership cards you possess determines how much bonus 1000np you receive each day for completing a level! Say you had 9 membership cards in your possession, everyday, whenever you complete a level, you would not only receive the normal payment but also 9000np! Now that’s A LOT! After completing 5 levels, you receive an extra membership card so then another 1000np is added! Is that a deal or what!?

*Note: Making the big time in this game requires time and accumulates over a long period as you are only allowed to complete a level every 24 hours.
Basic tips for beating this game!
1) for the first 10 seconds, move your mouse slowly, about 2 crosses every second pas. Keep this rate constant and do not get excited. This time is seen as the warm up time.
2) for the next 10 seconds, increase your move rate slightly, around the middle of this time, the sign should change to green, if not, you should try moving your mouse faster
3) for the last 10 seconds, increase your mouse rate slightly, not a lot faster but only a tiny bit. If your light isn’t green by now, you should be moving your mouse like crazy!

I always tend to start of with the hardest training first, as I leave the easiest until last. This way, if I gave up, I wouldn’t have wasted my time on the others. As your levels progress, the timing should be more spot on as the defined line between red, blue and green becomes smaller. Always keep your mouse rate constant, always changing your mouse rate is a big NO NO!

With all this said, Grundo’s Gym isn’t the hardest game to play, true, it can be difficult at times but like most things, practice makes perfect! Good luck! – Shoyru_Lover

Kym Huynh


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