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Kym Huynh —  November 21, 2017 — Leave a comment

Feature Game: 625 points for 1000np
Difficulty: Easy
NP Gain: 1250 points = 1000 np
Game Code: frumball (type into screen before starting game, gives 1 extra life)
Game Code: kougra (type into screen during game to skip a level)

The Game

Use the paddle to hit the ball up into the Frumballs and break them. Some Frumballs take more than one hit to pop. You move to a more difficult level each time you clear the screen of Frumballs. Beat all 40+ levels and you might win a trophy!


There are many powerups which fall from popped Frumballs, most of which you want to avoid. In the heat of the game, sometimes reaching for a powerup could mean you risk losing the ball (in which case its best to let the powerup go).

The only powerups you always want to go for are the ones that give you extra points. Click the button above to launch a popup window containing images of the powerups, and place it next to your game screen for referenc until you have them memorized.

Tips and Tricks

I have screen caps of all the levels but am still trying to figure out how to post them all. I believe there are more than the 40 levels there were when I got my trophy so I will probably need to take more screen caps.

This game relies on your ability to concentrate as well as your spatial capabilities. You have to practice and learn what direction the ball will go in when it hits each area of your bat.

Probably the best tip I can give is to just let yourself relax. If you tense up and start panicking about hitting the Frumballs, you are sure to drop the ball. If the ball isnt going where you want it to, relax and just let the ball come to the paddle. Then keep slowly adjusting where you hit the ball until it is going nearly straight up and down, and begin to aim towards the remaining Frumballs again.

Multiple balls are helpful at speeding up the round, but they can also be very distracting. If you find yourself losing concentration with multiballs, let them go and return to using just one ball.


Watch out, sometimes the ball can slip between the metal Frumballs and come back down when you least expect it!


Kym Huynh


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