Faerie Cloud Racers (II) Guide by Anonymous

Kym Huynh —  December 16, 2017 — Leave a comment

I have lots of strategy when it comes to Faerie Cloud Racers to get the gold trophy. First off, let’s start with being patient, let the opponent come towards you. This is one of the key to coming up on top of this game. Then after first faerie, they start getting smarter, so don’t follow, make yourself the leader.

There’s lots of ways to be tricky which the computers will fall for 99.9% of the time. Act like you are going to crash into them but at the last second, go the other direction, but not too fast, this game was developed to be slow till Dark faerie, so if you press it too fast you will crash and lose.

Another good way to win is to have a plan of where you’re going to go before pressing that space button to get on to the next battle. If I have done this, I would be the one with the gold trophy and having it into my user lookup. Watch out, this game is very extremely tricky, because the computer gets smarter and smarter and you don’t think about that at all, you worry about winning.

To get the 1000 neopoints you must have at least 750 I think. You will still need the tips I am giving you to get that 1000 neopoints, plus I have more. You get 3 shots at each opponent, if you lose 3 times, game over for you. So what I try to do is just not lose at all, because if you lose once, you will be addicted to losing and it is not fun at all. Faerie Cloud Racers can be fun when you are going up against the Dark Faerie, Space Faerie, Light Faerie, etc.

The character to select is the Space Faerie only because it is hard to see her traces every place she moves but if you are her, it is easier to avoid your own tracks than your opponents, and she is kind of my lucky charm because I win 1,000 neopoints all the time, and my high score of 2,125. Now here are the amount of the neopoints each with a faerie gives out.

1st match – 50 neopoints a round
2nd match – 75 neopoints a round
3rd match – 100 neopoints a round
4th match – 125 neopoints a round
5th match – 150 neopoints a round
6th match – 175 neopoints a round etc.

So, it basically goes up 25 neopoints each time, if you are fast enough. Each second it takes you to beat your opponent takes of a point each time, but you can not get less than last round. (Example: if you are in the second round and it takes you 26 seconds you get 51 neopoints because you can not go lower than the max on the last round.

The most challenging part of this game is to recognize your opponent’s moves, but if you play this game long enough, you will recognize your opponent’s moves, and they will start getting more predictable to you, so keep playing this game even if you are not good, because you will be soon. The thing I love about this is that it is an easy and simple game to pick up real quick. That is how you can master this game quickly, it’s also very, very fun. – Anonymous

Kym Huynh


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