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Kym Huynh —  October 16, 2017 — Leave a comment

Faerie Bubbles is a fairly easy given you have an okay sense of aim. The game is simple enough, you are in charge of a cannon full of various bubbles. Whatever bubble is first will be the one you aim at bubbles of the same color. If you get four or more, you form a combo. The level is over when all of the bubbles are gone. First thing’s first, you have to learn the color combos. While most are good, some of them are very bad. They are already listed on the main page of the game and on various Neo help sites but in case you don’t know (or are lazy :P), here they are.

Fire – All the bubbles surrounding them (with the exception of water bubbles) are destroyed.
Air – Try to never do this combo. Like on the main page, this combo is very bad. Making one can result in multiple lines of bubbles.
Dark – This combo is also bad, but not as much as the air one. When a combo is made with these, each dark bubble becomes a random color.
Earth – Another bad combo. Not as bad as the dark or air. It causes another random line of bubbles to appear from the top.
Light – This combo is neutral in a way. All of the yellow bubbles will become one random color. Don’t do this one too often though, a lot of the time the bubbles will become air or earth bubbles.
Water – A helpful combo. Make this one and all of the water bubbles fall.

Now that you know the combos, let’s get to the game. The trick to this game is trying to pop the bubbles in the least amount of moves. The less moves, the more the bonus. The bubbles themselves are not worth that much, unless you’ve done a combo where the bubbles fall down. As I said before, you’ll need to have an okay sense of aim for this game. One bubble in the wrong place can cause a whole game to end. The first levels are easy enough, but as time goes on they (of course) get more challenging and require you to make shots that take a little skill. If you mess up the first times, don’t worry about it. After a few games your aim will be much better. Don’t shoot the bubbles too fast or you could end up placing a bubble in the wrong place by accident, as I have done many times.

Deciding what combos to do is vital. Try to do fire combos whenever possible so you can get rid of multiple bubbles easily. The game is not timed so you can take your time with this.

Watch for the special bubbles! Nova bubbles come in very handy when there’s a lot of bubbles. Although it doesn’t get rid of all of them, it can get rid of a nice chunk of them. Try to aim nova bubbles at the best place possible. Another special bubble is the one with the rainbow inside it. Whatever bubble you aim it at, the bubble will turn that color. Be careful when you aim this however.

As with any game, there are cheat codes for Faerie Bubbles. You can find them on this site and various other Neo help sites. Save these for when you really need them, don’t use them just because you want. They can really help in later levels.

Well, I have said all I have to offer to help you with this game. I hope this helped you and remember, all you need to play this game is patience, a little aim, and common sense. (:

Kym Huynh


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