Faerie Bubbles Guide by Princess Alli

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To get the Faerie Bubbles avatar you need to get over 2,000 points on Faerie Bubbles. With this guide, I hope to give you some tips on how exactly to achieve this score!

Getting Started

To start with, I will tell you some of the basic rules of the game that you will need to know and keep in mind while playing.

There are 20 levels of Faerie Bubbles, and you will want to get as many points as possible in each level and get as close to completing all 20 as you can!

Firstly, an important aspect of the game is the 4+ combos. Basically, combos of three make the bubbles break, and this is how you win. When you start making combos of four or more bubbles, things really start to get interesting! Some of the results are good and some are bad:


This is good! This combo gets rid of all the water bubbles on the screen.


This can be good or bad. All of the bubbles touching the combo will change to the same random color. This can be good for getting rid of other bad combos or bad if it changes the bubbles to something unhelpful.


This is good! All bubbles touching the combo disappear except for water bubbles.


This is very bad. The whole screen will fill up with random bubbles all the way from the top to the lowest air bubble. The only exception where this is not bad is if you have a complete line of air bubbles all the way across the screen, as once it fills up all the space beneath it, they will all pop anyways.


This is relatively bad. The bubbles in the combo will be gone, but a new line of random bubbles will appear.


This is usually bad. All the bubbles in the combo will turn to random types.

There are two other important types of bubbles in the bame. They are the nova bubble and the rainbow bubble.

The nova bubble pops all bubbles within a two bubble radius of where it hits. The rainbow bubble turns into the color of the first bubble that it touches.

Faerie Bubbles Secret Codes

There are four secret codes that you can type during the game:

  • Faerieland: Turns current bubble into rainbow bubble.
  • Stardust: Turns current bubble into nova bubble.
  • Bubbles: Changes all the bubbles on the screen to the same color.
  • Slumberberry: Moves all the bubbles to the top of the screen.

Tips For Using Secret Codes

It is definitely important to use each of these at the correct times so that you do not waste them. It is possible to complete the game without using any of these codes, as I have done it before, so keep practicing and you will be able to save the codes until later and later in the game each time!

  1. I would suggest to never use ANY of the codes until at least level 14.
  2. During level 14, you MAY end up needing to use ‘slumberberry’ code. Try to avoid this, but it is still possible to reach your goal even if you do. If you can’t quite complete the level but are very close, try using the ‘stardust’ code instead of ‘slumberberry’.
  3. IF YOU USED ‘SLUMBERBERRY’ ON LEVEL 14: On level 15, type in ‘bubbles’ right away before doing anything else. (Recall that this will make all the bubbles the same color.) As long as they turn any color BUT purple, this will be extremely helpful. If they do turn purple, you may try to keep going, but don’t be surprised or disappointed if you fail the level. You now have two codes left to help you get as many points as possible on the last five levels.
  4. IF YOU DID NOT USE ‘SLUMBERBERRY’ ON LEVEL 14: Use it in level 15! It is nearly impossible to complete this level without using a code, so make as many bubbles disappear as you can; and when the bubbles are near the bottom of the screen, use your ‘slumberberry’! Now save your ‘faerieland’ and ‘bubbles’ for the last level, and you can win it in one shot! (Unless your ‘bubbles’ code gives you dark faerie bubbles.)

General Tips

  • To help make aiming easier, play the game on size large and not the default medium. Any bigger will distort the game making aiming even more difficult.
  • Remember that the fewer moves you make, the higher your score, so try to get rid of your bubbles in as few moves as possible.
  • I recommend making 4+ combinations of fire and water when you can. Both of these get rid of other bubbles that may be in your way, making it easier to pass a level in less moves.
  • The line does not move down every certain amount of time. It actually moves down every five shots you take, so take your time to think and don’t worry about how long it takes you to complete a level.
  • Always try to use 4+ combos of fire or light when you have three or more air or dark bubbles together. Don’t stress out about making a 4+ combo of dark faerie bubbles, though, as you can burn/change them just as easily after they have changed.
  • If you don’t think you’ll have enough time to burn or change a group of three or more earth bubbles, don’t stress out. It only adds one extra line which, in most levels, won’t be too much of a hassle at all.

Level 1

Level 1 will start off with the pattern above. The most common combination of bubbles that I usually get is the fire and water one shown (it is extremely common). If you happen to get a different combination of colors, look below for other tips for this level, or start over if you really want to. It is a fairly easy level, so just do your best as you practice more.

Keep in mind that the less moves you use and the more 4+ combinations you get, the higher your score will be.

I recommend getting rid of the fire bubbles in only two batches. A suggestion for doing this is to put fire bubbles in the spaces shown with red circles to create a group of eight. The other batch can just be a regular group of three.

When getting rid of the water bubbles, try to make a combo of four of them on one side, and then all of them will disappear. If you get light or water bubbles in place of the fire bubbles:

Do them as you did the fire bubbles, in two batches if possible.

If you get dark, or earth bubbles in place of the fire bubbles:

If there are fire or light bubbles where the light or water bubbles are in the example, it will be easy to burn or change the bubbles. If not, don’t freak out! Remember that this level is only two lines, and you will still be able to pass it even if you activate one of these unlucky 4+ combos.

Also remember that it is the first level. So, if it gets too bad, you can start over with nothing to lose!


This level is relatively uncomplicated. There aren’t many tricks you can use to complete it in less shots, but I will go through each possibility briefly.

If the main color is dark:

As shown in the screenshot, if there are fire bubbles (or even light bubbles), you can make a combination of four or more to burn away the bad combination of dark bubbles.

If there is not fire or light bubbles, you may have to complete the dark bubbles combination, causing them all to change to random colors. Because the level is fairly small, it should still be reasonably simple to complete, so don’t stress out about it!

If the main color is earth:

The method for this is the same as with the dark faerie bubbles. If possible, use 4+ combos of fire or light to get rid of the bad combo of earth faerie bubbles, and if this is not possible, just complete the combo, making an extra line of randomly colored bubbles appear at the top. As in the example with the dark faeries, this is NOT a huge deal. You may not earn a huge amount of points from the level this way, but you will be able to pass it, no problem.

If the main color is fire:

There are two options given the fire bubbles. Which you will use will depend on what bubbles you have in place of the air faerie bubbles in the given screenshot.

(1) In the screenshot above, for example, the best alternative would be to shoot three fire bubbles (as soon as you are given them in your bubble shooter) at the three groups of fire faerie bubbles. The middle group (being a 4+ combo) would burn the air faerie bubbles, meaning you will have completed the level as soon as you shoot these three clusters of fire bubbles. This illustrates your first option, and it will always work unless you are given water faerie bubbles in place of the air bubbles.

(2) If you are given water bubbles, pop both of them by making a group of four with one of them. Then you will be able to pop the remaining fire bubbles in only two shots by placing one fire bubble in place of where one of the water bubbles was, and using another, complete the cluster of two left over.

If the main color is water:

This is obviously not too difficult to complete. You need another water bubble to shoot at the group of three of them in the center, which will get rid of all water bubbles on screen. Then you need only make groups of three with the two remaining bubbles (here light bubbles). If the two remaining bubbles are light (as shown here) or fire, you can save yourself a shot by connecting both into a group of five rather than making two groups of three.

If the main color is light:

I recommend doing close to what we did with the fire bubbles. If you can get rid of at least one of the other two bubbles in the top row first (here water), then place another light bubble where the other colored bubble was, making a group of six light bubbles! If you get light bubbles before you get any of the other type, just complete your clusters of light bubbles, there is not much else you can do to decrease your number of shots.

If the main color is air:

It is evident in this case that you could use the light bubbles to try to change the bad combo of air bubbles in the middle. This would work if fire bubbles were in place of the light bubbles as well. However, if neither of these types of bubble are present, you are going to need a different strategy! If you can get rid of one of the different colored bubbles by making a combo of three of it first, you can put an air bubble in the space left (DO NOT MISS). As the top line will now be filled, there is no space for extra bubbles to appear! If you have a few spaces for bubbles to appear, do the same thing! This is still fine as it will be simple for you to get rid of the few extra bubbles that will appear!


As in level 2, try to burn or change any bad combinations (dark or air), but if it is not possible, don’t fret! This is an easy level, and you will be able to solve it no problems!


With the same structure here as in level 2, it should be evident what you have to do here. Follow all of the same rules you have attempted to follow in the last two levels, especially the specific ones for level 2. In this example, we would burn away the dark bubbles, as was shown in the dark bubbles example for level 2.


In this case, if you get a fire bubble before you get an earth bubble, don’t hit the fire combo just yet. This will only make the earth combo harder to complete. I would suggest placing it where it is shown on the diagram. That way, if you get another earth bubble, you can fit it in where the arrow is pointing to complete the earth combo, OR if you get a fire, you can complete the fire combo (by placing it where the arrow is pointing), which will burn away the earth combo anyways!

If the foursome beside the fire bubbles is a bad one, just put an extra fire bubble on the bottom of the four that does not touch the other fires, leaving a space. Put the next fire bubbles you get in this space, as shown below, and you’ll burn off the bottom two of the bad combo!

If you are given a harder example like the one shown here:

Because there are fire bubbles already in the combination, you know that there will be some in your bubble shooter! So, make a line of four across the bottom of the bad foursomes if you can!

This would also apply if there were light bubbles on the screen – you would make a foursome of them instead of fire!


This level is pretty easy as long as you have your aiming down pact. If you can find extra tricks to get you less moves in this level, good on you! They are helpful but not necessary. The highest I’ve gotten on this level is 116.


The mirror image of level 6. Again, pretty easy to solve as long as you are decent at aiming!


Firstly, I’ll discuss the example above. When given this specific combination (which is actually quite often), I always complete the water 4+ combo before the light combo. Remember that the light combo will change all those touching it, which COULD be a good thing if used on the dark bubbles, but not on the water bubbles.

Speaking of the level in general, 99% of the time you will be given either light or fire bubbles as one of your main colors. Use this to your advantage! Also, you will almost always be given a BAD combo, meaning that the fire or light combos will be very useful. Remember, also, that if a color is given to you in your beginning combination, it will come up in your bubble shooter as well, so create your own 4+ combos of fire or light if you must!


This level won’t be too difficult to complete, but completing it in the smallest number of moves possible requires some good aim on your part! Try to aim into the empty slots in the bottom line of bubbles as best you can to complete any groups of three that you can. If you are given fire bubbles anywhere in your combination, it might be easy to make a 4+ combo and burn some extra bubbles away. All up to your discretion!


The above picture is the most common combination of bubbles that you will get. If you are given a water bubble first, eliminate the water bubbles. If you are not, fill the empty spaces outlined by the red circles with fire bubbles, and once you do get rid of the water bubbles, you can burn away the nasty green ones in the center! If, by chance, you are given a different combination, I don’t have too many tips to help you aside from the general ones. Try to make 4+ fire combos where possible, and don’t complete air bubble foursomes!


This level can be very nice or very evil! No matter which combo of colours you get, you will need to always be aiming for the spaces between, which I have marked with red circles. If it is possible to use 4+ combos of light or fire on bad combos (as it is in this example), then do so. If it is not possible,an air bubble shot in the space touching the other air bubbles will only cause four extra bubbles to fill the screen, so it is not a huge deal if you are forced to do this. Basically, all else I can say is in this level, just try to burn things if you can!


This level shouldn’t be too difficult! Just remember your 4+ combo rules! Air bubbles are a GOOD thing in this level, dark aren’t TOO bad because it is likely the colour above them will be one of the random ones that it turns into, allowing you to complete the line ABOVE with a bubble of that colour. If you are forced to complete an earth line, don’t fret! One extra line in this level is not the end of the world!

An additional tip for this level: if your top line is water bubbles, as in the example shown, make a 4+ combo of water bubbles immediately. This will cause the top line and all the bubbles below it to pop!


Similar to level 12, aside from the random extra colored bubble in the top center. This should be relatively easy to figure out as long as you were paying attention for level 12! 🙂


If you have read the Tips for Using Secret Codes, you know that you may need to use one of them here. TRY NOT TO! Initially, try to make a 4+ combo of water, fire, or both! If water is not on the lower layer, don’t bother trying to make a foursome of it right away, but if you get fire bubbles you can make a foursome and burn some bubbles away, so try to do it anyways! Don’t spend all your time on this though. This level took me some practice to learn how to get through as quickly as possible, and with practice, you will develop your own techniques, too. Remember that after every five moves you make, the top of the game moves further and further down!

If you have two or three bubbles left that you just can’t seem to get rid of as you get very close to the bottom, use the ‘stardust’ code to blast them away. If there are many left, you may use ‘slumberberry’, but as I have mentioned 92374982379487 times, TRY NOT TO DO THIS.


Another level that was mentioned in the codes section, this level is nearly impossible to beat without some sort of help. (I say nearly rather than definitely because I have successfully completed it without one on more than one occasion, proving that it is in fact possible!) As I’ve said, if you used ‘slumberberry’ on level 14, use ‘bubbles’ right away before doing anything else on this level. Once all of the bubbles are the same colour, you will be able to beat the level easily as long as you don’t get dark bubbles.

If you didn’t use your ‘slumberberry’ already, begin the level by trying to make as many combos as possible. When your screen nears the bottom, use the ‘slumberberry’ to buy yourself extra time and room. You can now save the miraculous ‘bubbles’ code for later!


In this level, aim is very important! You will develop your own tricks that work for you, but what I usually do is aim for the higher up bubbles on the outside (in the picture, the water on the left and the earth on the right). In general, this level isn’t too difficult to complete.


This level can be a little bit more tricky, especially if your aim is a little bit off. I recommend trying the make groups of three with bubbles that are close to one another, such as the two earths are in the second and third line or the two airs are in the third and fourth lines! The highest bubble you will be able to reach on the fourth line is the light bubble, and you will need quite good precision in order to reach it. Just take your time and aim high!


What you should do here is probably pretty obvious. The trick is to use whatever color bubbles you are given in your bubble shooter to pop layers of the pyramid, making the layers below it fall. You will need to bounce the bubbles off the right hand wall.


If you’ve followed everything I’ve said up to this point, you should still have three codes left – one of those being ‘stardust’. This level can get slightly tricky, so you may need to use that here. If you absolutely MUST, you can also use ‘faerieland’, but do not use ‘bubbles’. There is not much technique I can give you for this one. Aim high on the sides and try to get rid of the lower bubbles as quickly as possible.


When you pass this level, you are awarded an extra 250 points! If you’ve followed all of my instructions until now, you should have your ‘bubbles’ code and possibly your ‘faerieland’ code left. Fantastic! Type in your ‘bubbles’ code to change all of the bubbles to the same color, then use ‘faerieland’ to hit the giant combo! As long as you don’t get dark faerie bubbles or earth faerie bubbles, you have now completed this level in only one shot! This means that you will get an extra bonus on top of the 250. Earth faerie bubbles aren’t bad at all. You’ll just have an extra line to complete, which won’t be that hard! The dark faerie bubbles will make this level almost impossible to solve, but try anyways!

Feel free to neomail me, princess_alli, if you have any questions or if I have made any mistakes. I would also appreciate any comments or suggestions that you may have! – princess_alli



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