Extreme Herder Guide by speckleburst

Kym Huynh —  January 9, 2017 — Leave a comment

A grand game of key hitting action! 🙂 Can you get all the petpets safely away before Balthazar comes and gobbles them up? Use Samrin the Kacheek to guide them into the paddock at one of the four gates (these keep disappearing the further you go on until there is just one left) So far this has become one of my top fav’ games, and I hope with the help from this guide, it will become your favourite too

Snowflakes- Freezes Balthazar so he can’t move
Orange speed orb- Makes you go faster

When you first start out the game, your character will be in the bottom right-hand corner. Use the arrow keys to run over to pick up petpets and drop them safely in the paddock (by touching one of the gates) Hurry and get them all in before Balthazar comes and gets them, or maybe even you. If you have to, use the space bar to drop petpets

Durring the time it loads up a new level, get to the upper left-hand corner. Snatch petpets nearest to you, first. This is where Balthazar comes out. Always use the gates nearest to you and always be in a course to get another petpet after you’ve dropped off the one you have.

Use the transport bars on the side of the game to quickly get to petpets, snowflakes, or speed orbs, these will disappear after a few levels, so don’t rely to heavily upon them. (First the top one goes, then the bottom, left, then right) After the transport bars have all gone, the gates go in the same order. Until the one on the left is the one left standing

Speed orbs are very, very, very important! You want to get these so you can reach your petpets faster than Balthazar. If you have to choose between a petpet or a speed orb, quickly get the orb and hope you can be quick enough to get that petpet. I’d only try this if you know you can get the petpet with a little boost of speed

Balthazar walks in a distinct path, learn that path and learn to follow that path. He will go for a petpet if it is above the paddock, if not he will travel down to the left side of the paddock leaving just enough room for you to squeeze past him as you hug the paddock as close as you can get. Be careful when he turns corners and don’t get in his way.

Freeze Balthazar if he is about to get one of your petpets and get it safely away, don’t bother freezing him if you don’t have a need to 🙂 Though I admit it is fun to watch the non-moving-blue-blob sit there. When Balthazar is frozen, your character does move faster until he unfreezes

If you ever see a petpet with a floating orange star on it, quickly get him into the paddock, you’ll be awarded some bonus points

When you get eaten 3 times, send score to get your nps. You’ll get 4 times whatever your score was

Good luck to you with this game! I hope you’ll manage to get a few nps or maybe even a little trophy 🙂 If you have any questions or comments just neomail me. Have fun and enjoy herding those petpets!

Kym Huynh


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