Extreme Herder Guide by princess_night52

Kym Huynh —  November 13, 2017 — Leave a comment

So you want to play the game? Well there are a few tips that might save the lives of all your petpets and yourself. Firstly, heres a hint: When heading for the petpet nearest to Balthazar, and you accidentally pick the wrong one, drop it immediately and attend to the one you think is going to be eaten first. In this game, you earn more neopoints than your score, so its worth it playing this game!

Level One – Level Eight

Balthazar is creeping up slowly downwards from his top right hand corner position, towards the petpet in the group which is near the bottom right hand corner, or the top left hand corner. Act fast, and save the petpets nearer to him first. Be sure though that you dont get eaten by Balthazar, or you too will lose one life. In these levels the enclosure has four doors. When the level goes higher, the numbers of petpets increase too.

Level Nine – Level Eleven

Level Nine has now three doors, and the top one is now gone. Now the chances are slimmer, so watch out!

Level Ten, even worse, theres only two doors left, with the top and bottom door gone. Balthazar is getting hungrier

Level Eleven, the level which I have never been able to pass, because at this point, I am already left with only one life and theres only one door, the one thats closest to Balthazar – the right one. I have never been able to go past this level but I am really sure youll do better. Good Luck! – princess_night52

Kym Huynh


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