Extreme Herder Guide by motion038

Kym Huynh —  February 10, 2018 — Leave a comment

The basic idea behind this game is that Balthazar wants to eat all of the petpets in a field where you, a brave blue kacheek, are the shepherd. It’s your job to pick up the petpets one by one, dropping them into a pen in the center as you go. The first few levels are downright simple, and you should have no trouble passing them and getting your two bonuses, one for saving the petpet with a gold star on its back and the other for saving all of the petpets. Although you won’t need to use them extensively in these first levels, no doubt you’ve also noticed the yellow ball and the snowflake that bob around the level, and u probably know what they do if you’ve read the instructions. The only real tactic to use in the early levels is to get the snowflake anytime it’s near you and generally just be quick around the paddock while you still have 4 places where you can put the petpets into the central area.

When you get to level 9 things become slightly more difficult. You’ll notice that the entry point to the central area at the top has now disappeared, leaving you with only 3 options. On level 10 things get worse when the entry at the bottom disappears, and when the entry on the right disappears on level 11 you really begin to fear for the lives of your furry friends. These levels are when tactics are all important. For starters, at the beginning of each level you really want to be at the top left-hand corner, near where Balthazar enters. This means you can save any petpets who are too close and would easily be lunch otherwise. Snowflakes are also important. If you get the first snowflake quickly, Balthazar isn’t even on screen and you’ll have 3 petpets safe before he has the chance to size them up. The yellow orbs can come in handy, but I tend not to go out of my way to get one unless a petpet is in mortal danger and I need the orb to get to the snowflake and then to the petpet.you get the idea. Also don’t be afraid to take a risk that might see you getting eaten yourself, because you’ll definitely lose a life by not going after that poor little Noil that’s about to be eaten up, at least give the poor little guy a chance.

Finally, there are two things to remember that will give you an advantage the instructions don’t. Firstly, Balthazar has no interest whatsoever in eating you, he only has an eye for the petpets. This means that you can walk straight past him (without touching him of course) without losing a life, and probably saving an Angelpuss in the process. Secondly, when you’re holding a petpet, Balthazar doesn’t seem to want it. This means that if you’re on the last petpet and Balthazar’s about to munch on it, run in and grab it. If you get there first Balthazar will simply turn around and walk back into the corner he came from, leaving you to save the petpet and move on to the next level.

By following this guide and using your own commonsense, earning upwards of 500np a game shouldn’t be a problem. At the time of writing this, the game was giving out 4x your score as your np reward, and as long as this doesn’t change, this fun and addictive game is easy money. – motion038

Kym Huynh


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