Extreme Herder: A Neopoint Dream by compudude14204

Kym Huynh —  October 13, 2017 — Leave a comment

A new game was recently released by Neopets that just might be one of the best neopoint making games around. Even a novice player can usually manage a cool 400 neopoints from this game every sitting. While the pros can make 800+ neopoints a game. This guide is made to try and help you get the highest score possible.

Now to clear something up I am not an expert player at the game but I am an above average player. Now then as a summary the point of the game is to simply get all of your PetPets into a enclosed fence area. Sounds simple enough right? Wrong! Unfortunately Balthazar the Faerie Bounty Hunter has had a tough day and is feeling a bit hungry! What does this mean for you? Balthazar if you get close enough will eat YOU or any PetPet that gets in it’s way. When this happens you lose a life. After three lives your game ends.

So how do you avoid this? You can use the bonus items which are a snowflake that freezes Balthazar in his tracks for a few seconds. This item is very helpful in saving a PetPet that is about to get eaten. As well as a little yellow ball that gives you a short but generally very helpful burst of speed.

But these items alone will not let you win the game. You must outsmart Balthazar. He always seems to move towards the closest PetPet so generally leaving one PetPet in a distant corner while saving the others is a good strategy. Once Balthazar is getting close to your poor PetPet make a dash to save it. Don’t wait to long to save the PetPet or Balthazar will get it! This strategy used in conjunction with the bonus items should get you a pretty good score. Happy herding! – compudude14204

Kym Huynh


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