Escape to Kreludor Guide by jbw5

Kym Huynh —  July 14, 2016 — 3 Comments

Escape to Kreludor screen shot

I have not gotten very far. But, hopefully these tips can help the people who are struggling with the game. First let me explain a bit about your weapons. You fire 2 torpedoes from the sides of your ship in a straight line for 3 spaces. They travel through asteroids and space debris (what is left after a drone dies) and as far as I know, all enemies take 1 torpedo before dying (except comets, they are invincible).

Second are the little gem things. There is one on every level (If there is not one on really high levels, please, let me know) and some are more valuable than others.

  • The Purple Gem – Gives you 50 extra points, or 45 extra neopoints.
    • Should you get it? If there it is fairly easy to get, yes. Otherwise, 45 NP won’t really matter.
    • Rarity – Common.
  • The White Gem – Gives you an extra life.
    • Should you get it? Definitely. If you are going to be killed as soon as you get it, you shouldn’t.
    • Rarity – I have only seen two, and those only on levels 9+.
  • The Red Gem – Spreads an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) around your ship in a circle for 3 spaces.
    • Should you get it? Yes, especially if it can take out several drones at once. A potential drawback is that there is no lovely space debris left behind.
    • Rarity – Fairly rare, have seen about 16 out of maybe 70-80 levels of playing (not that I have gotten to level 80).
  • Blue Gem – Downgrades your enemies (e.g., the red-and-gold ‘smart’ drones turn into blue ‘stupid’ drones).
    • Should you get it? In the later levels, it makes it a LOT easier to be dealing with stupid enemies than with really smart ones. So yes.
    • Rarity – It appears to vary from account to account, I have 2, and on one the blue gem is very rare, while on the other it is less rare than the red but rarer than the green, which is bordering on common. Anyway.
  • Extra on Blue gem – It turns comets into an asteroid, so if you are really hassled by a comet, get this, LOL.
    • Green Gem – Cloaks you for the rest of this level (means makes you invisible to the drones).
    • Should you get it? It depends. In the early levels, no. It is just too hard to predict the blue movement. In later levels, it is sometimes good. Your choice.

I think that is all the gems. If I progress and find more, I will let everyone know.

The Enemies

  • Asteroids – Big rocks. They do not move and I think that the color is for unboringness. Blue drones run into them a lot.
  • Comets – Weird white things that move. Repeat this. Comets are evil. Comets are evil. Comets are evil. Comets are evil. And you know what? They are fairly smart. They will avoid hitting other craft sometimes. Dunno why. Remember, comets are evil.
  • Blue Drones – The ‘stupid’ drone, it just follows you doggedly and crashes into obstacles easily.
  • Red-and-Gold Drones – They are smart enough to avoid debris and asteroids and sometimes comets, but do not seem to know when they are in your line of fire. Possible there is another drone, but hey, my high score is only 725.


  • Warp-Worm Thingies – They destroy drones (if drones run into them) and teleport you randomly. Yes, even 1 square away from a drone. Risky.

That is all I have for right now, hope you get a decent amount of fun from this game.

Kym Huynh


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