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Edited by Jonny Blackler

So you’ve decided to take on the Game King’s challenge, but need help getting past his annoying servant? Well, you’ve come to the right guide!

First, we’ll choose a character. If you use Abigail and beat the game, you’ll only receive 4000 neopoints. However, if you beat the game by playing AAA, her brother, you’ll win 5000 neopoints.

The number one thing that helped me most of all, while playing the game, is familiarizing myself with the keys on my keyboard, and which fingers I will be using to push them throughout the game; thus making it easy to remember which button to push when needed at the time.

So here, we have all the keys and what tools they use: “X” shovel, “C” bubble, “V” spring, “B” helmet, “N” shield, “spacebar” jump.

Snowmuncher Level

The first level is very simple, and you only have two buttons to worry about. The shovel button (X), and the jump button (space bar). In this level, you receive the shovel tool right from the beginning, this allows you to carve through the blocks in your path just like in the game Snowmuncher. Simply run towards a colored block and press the “X” button on your keyboard, or click the image of the shovel in your items bar. Jump over the blocks that you will not be cutting through. During 3/4 of the game, you will receive the bubble tool for use of the next level.

Turmasculus Roll Level

In this level, you will receive the red spring to help you in the third level. I prefer to keep Abigail using the bubble tool, because she will leave her follower in the dust, when used. To do this, simply hold down the “C” button on your keyboard, this will activate the bubble and roll Abigail across the screen from start to finish. Sadly, someone has decided to cut down some trees in this game, leaving the stumps for us to jump over. Rude huh? Use the spring to jump over these stumps; but for the high hills, you’ll just roll over them while in the bubble. However, AAA seems to struggle over the stumps and high hills, so you may want to use the spring to get him over the stumps, and the space bar to get him over the hills.

Destruct-O-Match II Level

Now that we’ve familiarized ourselves with the shovel, bubble, and spring tool, it’s time to meet the helmet tool. This is vital when playing this level, because of the falling blocks. Now, I continuously push the “B” key so that I won’t be surprised by the falling blocks, all while pressing space bar to jump over the blocks that are in my way. Generally, you don’t want to use the spring unless there are three blocks stacked on top of each other, and a simple jump with the space bar won’t work.

Something you must know during this level, is that sometimes the helmet will be behind some tall blocks. If you go over these tall blocks, you’ll end up missing the helmet and cannot go back for it. Believe me, you’ll need that helmet for later on. So, in order to avoid this from happening, use the shovel or (X) button to cut down the blocks and run to the helmet.

Ice Cream Machine Level

Okay, the first thing we need to know about this level, is that ice cream flies and you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the spring button “V”, the helmet “B”, and the shield “N”. If the icecream flies towards your head, you’ll want to use the helmet. When the ice cream flies towards your belly or feet, the shield. When three blue blocks are stacked and are in your way, use the spring.

To avoid the already been chewed gum on the floor, use your bubble key, “C” to roll over them, otherwise you’ll stick to it and it’ll slow you down. When icecream is flying above your head, use the helmet and a normal jump when needed. If you’re leaping off of a stack of blocks and there is ice cream below, you’ll want to use the shield.

Stowaway Sting Level

Congratulations on making it this far! This will be the last level to play before winning the game.

First thing you should know, that there are four things that can do your character harm unless the proper keys are used. Now, the first ones are the anchors and life preservers sticking out of the crates. You can use the bubble to roll over them. Second, there are the holes in the floors. You may use a normal jump over these, the spring, or the bubble. Third, there are the skeiths, and you’ll need the shield to avoid them. Lastly, the kougras. They can be avoided by using the helmet. Three stacks of crates can be avoided by using the spring. – Wolfgirl1826

Good luck!

Kym Huynh


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