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Kym Huynh —  April 6, 2018 — 1 Comment

If you go to http://www.digimon.com, you’ll notice that they have a very similar version that belongs to them that is like this game on neopets.com, and its interesting to see how they vary. First, the main characters in the digimon.com site are Tai and Agumon, and his latter, and in Neopets there is only Terriormon, and his latter. Secondly, you can only control Terriormon in Neopets, whilst you can control both Tai and Agumon in the digimon version. Very interesting. The Neopets version to me is a lot more interesting, because there are a lot of glitches and its external flash, which I enjoy. Okay, now onto the game briefing.

Your Digimon, Terriermon has become trapped inside the Virtupets Station. Use the arrow keys to move Terriermon though the winding corridors of the station, and use the Space Bar to fire his weapon.

Look out for Digicards, these will evolve Terriermon into a new, more powerful, rank. Also look out for the friendly Grundo and Kiko who will give you advice and tips. Wow, very interesting indeed. Neopets tries to combine both Neopets and Digimon to form, a boring game. But you can get 500 NP in 5 minutes! Wow!

The game starts off, briefing you about what to do, controls, etc, wow. You try to collect all the gold coins (which are worth 5 points each), and the Digicards, which help digivolve your Terriormon into Gargomon, into Rapidmon, and finally into MegaGargomon. Also helping you out are these one-per-level radar cards, which basically reveal where the enemy Digimon and the items are, but they dont show where the walls are. There is no defined time limit in this game, so you can take as long as you want trying to get all the items off the screen.

Aforementioned, I said that the Neopets version has a lot of glitches, and you can use this to your advantage or your disadvantage. The first glitch is that some enemies make the sound and impression that they are going to shoot you, but nothing comes out. This happened to me in the second level, so dont go around in the first level fooling around, and ending up dead. But this little glitch doesnt happen so often, so you have to be careful. The percentage of actually hitting you is about 1.2% (I calculated this, so dont get me wrong). But this may also be my Internet connection and my computer, so the glitch may vary per computer. Another glitch is that you can go through a couple of walls. I noticed this too in the second round, when I tried to hit an enemy from across the wall. I hit him, of course.

Tips that I can give out to the many of you who are reading this is that you should take your time, spend about 5 – 10 minutes with this game, because patience is the answer. Hey, maybe you can get an elusive Digimon weapon in Neopets :).

Another tip is to get every single item in the game, and DO NOT, and I will repeat this, DO NOT lose not even ONE bar of health. You get 10 points for each health packet you pick up, so why waste it on recovering health? Just try not to get hit, collect everything you find, and hopefully youll get a weapon.

Additional tips can be obtained by asking specific questions to youngking, or my email is coolmonkey123@hotmail.com. Check out my trophy article. – youngking

Kym Huynh


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