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Hello and welcome to xxchibixkiwixx’s Game Guide to Destruct-O-Match on, the most addicting game on the entire site! (In my personal opinion ;3)

Here is a table of contents for this guide.

I. The Object of the Game
II. Game Modes
III. Boulder Powerups and Abilities
IV. Basic Strategy

I. The Object of the Game

The object of the Destruct-O-Match is basically that of Bejeweled. You have to rid the playing field of all the boulders. Simple, right? You can only make boulders disappear by clicking twice on groups of three boulders or more touching each other of the same colour. The more in the row you click on, the more points you get. To get to the next level, you have to meet the score requirement located in the lower left corner of the screen. Your score is displayed on the top left corner.

II. Game Modes

There are several different typed of game modes you can choose from on the title screen.

  • Zen Mode – This is a mode that is specially made just for fun, stress relief etc. There is no real requirement, and you will not be awarded neopoints once you finish. However, you can keep playing for hours and hours on end if your heart so desires. =]
  • Classic Mode – This is regular old game play, when you just group the boulders together and remove them to meet the score requirement. You’ll be awarded neopoints when you reach ‘Game Over’. You are not timed in classic mode.
  • Extreme Mode – Similar to Classic mode, except for a twist! Not only are you timed, but the blocks just keep coming and coming down until they reach the top of the screen. Once they do, its game over for you, buddy! You’ll be awarded neopoints for your efforts.
  • Double Trouble Extreme – CAUTION: NOT FOR BEGINNERS! DTE mode is for expert Destruct-O-Match players ONLY! You are timed, the boulders are continuously falling AND you’re battling with two screens of falling boulders!

III. Boulders Powerups and Abilities

The default, regular coloured blocks that have no abilities attached to them are blue, grey, yellow, red, orange, etc. If it doesn’t have an icon on its surface, then it’s just a regular old block.

  • Fill – (Looks like three white blocks on top of each other.) This boulder will add a new row of blocks to the top level.
  • Timer – (Has numbers that count down to 0 on it) These boulders need to be gotten rid of IMMEDIATELY! If you leave them unchecked when they reached zero, the block will turn into an indestructible rock (black rock with crossbones on them) and CANNOT be destroyed!!!
  • Multiplier – (Looks like three chicken drumsticks.) You earn three times the points when this boulder is destroyed!
  • Explode – (Looks like a volcano) This will destroy all of the blocks around it no matter what colour they are. Unfortunately, you only get a couple points for that block itself, not all of the blocks around it that was blown up. I suggest leaving these blocks until last to get rid of excess blocks.
  • Overkill – (Looks like a broken stick thingy) This will destroy all boulders of the same colour of the row deleted. (For example, if this mark was on a set of blue blocks deleted, then ALL blue blocks will be deleted.) No bonus for the other blocks though.
  • Morph – (Looks like a green cross) This boulder will constantly morph into different colour blocks.
  • Wildcard – (Looks like two arrowheads) This block can be used for any available colour around it.
  • Undo – (Looks like a T-Rex head) This powerup can be collected, which is displayed as a fossil footprint in the lower-center screen. Once collected, it can be used at any time to undo your action, but not when another powerup has been used.
  • Shuffle – (Looks like a blue dinosaur) Like the Undo, this powerup can be collected and is displayed as a wing fossil in the lower-center screen. This can be used at any time to shuffle your boulders.
  • Scamander – (Looks like a salamander) This powerup is only available in Extreme Mode and over, and is used to keep columns of boulders rising.

IV. Basic Strategy

There is no right or wrong way to really play Destruct-O-Match. This is one of those types of games where you find a strategy that suits you best. However, heres a sample of a simple strategy to get yourself started.

  1. Get rid of any and all Timer Blocks as soon as possible!!!
  2. Start at the top with smaller groups, working your way down. Leave the bigger groups of colours for a little later. If you get rid of them now, it could throw off the rest of the blocks above it.
  3. Get rid of bigger groups.
  4. At this point if needed you can use Shuffle (if you have collected it), or any other powerup except for Overkill or Explode. Leave those for when you absolutely need them.
  5. Use Overkills and such if needed.
  6. Once all groups are gone, use the Explode block. The less blocks you have on the screen when your finished, the more bonus points you get. Try to strive for no blocks left! ;D

Kym Huynh


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