Destruct-O-Match II Guide by ive_laugh_love95

Kym Huynh —  April 25, 2018 — 1 Comment

First defuse the boulder counting down from 15 seconds.

Next click on the boulder that are the same color as the boulder that destroys all the boulders of that color.

Then if there is a boulders x3 do not destroy any of the color.

After that start clicking any colored boulders going from top to bottom, but make sure your move doesn’t stop you from destroying the blocks above.

Finally click the question mark. Destroy all the boulders you can then click the black boulder with fire on it.

Also if you type destroyboulders all of one random color will disappear but you don’t get points for them unless you have no boulders left and type it then you get 100 points for that.

Also if you type boohooiwanttheoldgameback while your on the screen that allows you to choose your game mode you can play the first version but if you send your score you will be rewarded little neopoints compared to this version. – ive_laugh_love95

Kym Huynh


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One response to Destruct-O-Match II Guide by ive_laugh_love95

  1. Estaba buscando esa informacion hace espacio, te lo agradezco, estoy de acuerdo
    con tu punto de vista y pasto igual. Despues de buscar mucho
    por Internet encontre lo que buscaba. Genial!!! muchas gracias

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