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Kym Huynh —  February 11, 2018 — 1 Comment

Point of the Game

What’s the Point of Chia Bombers you ask? Its to get the Chias out of Geoffrey’s neighborhood by shooting your water balloons at them 🙂 Good luck!


Arrow Keys- Move Geoffrey left, right, up, and down
Space Bar- Fire Water Balloons at those Chias!
M Key- Sets down a bomb (Only 5 for each level!)
Your mines can’t hurt you
Chia bombs can’t hurt those chias
For each level, Chias get 3x the number of bombs (Level 4- 12 bombs)
There are 7 different types of chias
Those chias WILL chase after you after they have fired upon you…


Stay at least 2 spaces from each Chia
Set yourself up in a corner and place mines where ever a chia could come and charge at you. Then fire at anything that comes near you. This is your Little Secret Place to go when you need safety

Take out Colored ones first and then get the greens one, I find the colored ones to move a LOT faster then those Green and go right after you 🙂

My Guide

Green Chias = 1 Hit
Blue Chias = 2 Hits
Red Chias = 4 Hits
Purple Chias = 3 Hits
Orange = 5 Hits
Gold = 6 Hits
Black = 7 Hits
(Note! I am guessing on the last few, I may be wrong… If so, please neomail me at speckleburst!)) On every level (That I’ve been to) You’ll be faced with 8 chias, colors depending on what level your on.

1st Level-
7 Green, 1 Blue
2nd Level-
6 Green, 2 Blue
3rd Level-
5 Green, 2 Blue, 1 red
See the pattern? I believe it keeps going on like this until you get all those 8 chias to be 8 Black Chias, once again I am only speculating and this is not actual fact 🙂 Hehe bare with me

At the start of the game, you’re in the bottom left hand corner. The chias all move down in a line at the top. I’d move over and try to take out some of those chias in that line. All of them bundled in a nice package waiting for some water to put them out 🙂

You can only fire One water balloon. You can only re-fire a balloon as soon as the Water Balloon on your screen has vanished, beware of this! It takes a while to reload a new Balloon.

Chias will walk the other way if they run into another chia. Sometimes (rarely happens) Two chias get stuck together because of this. Quickly advance and fire on these before they decide which way to go!

Keep 2 rocks between you and the nearest Chia

If the game gets too rough, feel free to try the Little Secret Place idea 🙂 I find it to work, but it does cause you to loose time which makes you loose points…

Enjoy! – by speckleburst

Kym Huynh


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