Chia Bomber 2 Guide by chiabomberpro22222

Kym Huynh —  August 21, 2017 — Leave a comment

When starting the game do not use mines on the first four levels, if you want high bonuses.


Mine kills = times 2
Balloon kills = times 3

2. When a Chia omber fires at you, do not turn and fire, usually by the time you turn, their mud balls will hit you before you have time to backfire.

3. Always target the Chia bomber that has fired at you but missed. After their first firing attempt, they will hunt for you.

4. Save the mines for Chia bombers will more lives.

This is the order of lives of a Chia bomber on Chia Bomber 2:

Green = 1

Blue = 2
Gold = 3
Red = 4
Black = 5

Your water balloons will range to the end of a column. A Chia bomber’s mud ball will only last about half a column, but never try to out run their mud balls! Their mud balls travel slightly faster than you running.

There are 12 levels in the game.

Type in geoffrey at the beginning of a level for extra life. – chiabomberpro22222

Kym Huynh


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