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Kym Huynh —  January 14, 2018 — Leave a comment

Cheat! is a easy way to earn neopoints fast. It is just a simple card game (sometimes)! Somebody places down cards upside down and tells you what they are. If you think they are cheating click the accuse so and so of cheating. I’ve become Cheat! champion like 4 times and at the process made like 1000+ neopoints each time.

How do I know if my opponent is cheating you ask. Well I know the answer. You can never know for certain but what I do is remember or write down what cards are in the pile. So if someone puts down something that conflicts with that you can be pretty sure they are cheating! Also you rarely have four of the same cards so if someone puts down 4 of the same cards they are most likely cheating. I say most likely because it does sometimes happen. But it has happened to me like 5 times out of 14 games maybe. There’s less of a chance that they are cheating with 3 of the same cards but it is still a possibility.

Another tip is to look at the number of cards the person has. If they have 5 cards the chance of them having 4 of the same, or even 3 of the same, are near impossible. But if they have 40 cards then they probably do have a lot of the same cards. Also keep an eye on what is in your deck. If someone plays 2 threes and you have 3 threes you know they are cheating.

What happens if I get caught cheating or I catch someone cheating? If you get caught cheating then you get the pile added to your hand. not a bad punishment but hey! I’ve been caught cheating in some games and still won by like 6 cards! But if you catch someone cheating… Well, my friend, you get neopoints and the cheater gets the pile added to their hand. In the first level you get 8 neopoints for each time you catch the cheater. In the second level you get 12. I cant remember the other levels but you get a lot by the end! If you win you get more neopoints and a battle card either red, silver, or gold. also for each game you win you get 50 more neopoints than you did on the first one. For example 100 for the first game 150 for the second 200 for the third and so on. You get the point.

I can’t stop getting caught cheating! Well then take my advice to success! DON’T CHEAT! Unless absolutely necessary! If you don’t cheat often then they wont expect you to cheat. (Sort of like porker… not that I’ve played or anything.) If you do cheat often then they will expect you to cheat and will catch you. The key thing in this game is patience. Never get frustrated that you aren’t winning right away. It takes me a few tries to win at the later levels too and sometimes even level one. This is not an easy game but if you can only play one card… play that one card. Do not cheat and say you have 3 of the card. You will just get caught. Don’t play like 4 games in a row. Wait. Let your brain rest. The game will always be there. Anyway you have a better chance playing like 2 in a row. Notice each player’s style. For me, Chuffer Bob is jumpy. He likes to get rid of cards fast so he cheats a lot. Branston the Eyrie is more relaxed but when he gets close to winning he gets impatient and cheats. It may be different for you but that is how they are for me.

So I hope this guide helped you a little bit. If you need better instructions on how to play click rules on the cheat page or visit some other guide. I was just focusing on strategies that work for me and will help you and I hope they do. If they don’t, neomail me. So… play Cheat! It costs only 50 neopoints to play and is an easy way to get a trophy! For once an easy way to get a trophy! – by vicki-gayele

Kym Huynh


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