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There are several strategies that you can use in order to win this game. I use these every time I play, and so far I have NEVER lost. Following these simple rules almost guarantees that you will get that 1st place trophy.

  1. This is the most important – NEVER cheat, unless you have to. In the first 2 rounds or so you may not get caught, but in the later rounds, you will get caught most of the time.
  2. Put down the cards that you only have one of first. This leaves you with more pairs, triples, and so on, which makes it easier to tell who is cheating.
  3. The first three contestants cheat most of the time. Unless they have more than 20 cards in their hand, if they put down 3 or 4 cards, they are cheating. Even if they have a pair, they are also probably cheating.
  4. Check how many cards the person has in their hand before accusing them of cheating! For example, someone with 21 cards in their hand is more likely to have all 4 cards of a suit than someone with only 5.
  5. If someone puts down all the cards they have left, accuse them of cheating! You have nothing to lose.
  6. Try to have a wide variety of cards. For example, If you have an Ace, 6, 7, 8, and Jack left, it would be best to put down the 7.
  7. This one may be obvious, but for those of you who haven’t figured it out yet – Keep in mind that there are only 4 cards in one suit. So, for example, if you have 3 jacks, and someone puts down 2 jacks, they are obviously cheating.
  8. When you put down your last card(s), someone will ALWAYS accuse you of cheating, so don’t even try. Instead, try tip #9.
  9. This one is hard to explain, so I’ll just give you an example and hope that you understand LOL – You have 2 jacks left in your hand. The person in front of you says that they put down one 5. ACCUSE THEM OF CHEATING!! If they are, you will win the game for sure. If they aren’t, you will get all the cards in the pile, but that would have happened anyway because of number 8.
  10. If you lose a round, don’t worry, you can start from the round that you lost on, you don’t have to go all the way back to the beginning. This makes it easier to win trophies. 🙂

How to Earn More Neopoints From This Game

  1. Especially in the later rounds, it pays off to accuse people of cheating even if you are wrong a few times. Remember – the less cards they have in their hand, the more likely they are to be cheating.
  2. You may not have noticed this, but you pay 50 np for every ROUND that you play, even if you win all of them. So, to get to the top, you will end up paying 120 NP if you win every time. But don’t worry, if you play right, you will earn MUCH more than 50 np per round.
  3. Often you will get cards that can be used in the battledome as prizes. Sell these – It is more worth it than using them in the battledome. They barely cause any damage, even the silver editions.

Have fun playing, I hope this helps!

Kym Huynh


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