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Kym Huynh —  December 28, 2017 — Leave a comment

Bumper cars promotion imageA game of quick intuition, rough speed and banging, bumper cars will not only help you ease your frustration, it will also earn you neopoints on the side! and possibly, a shiny new trophy to display and bragging rights. This game is played rodeo style, four cars locked in a ring where they crash and bang each other to victory. The victor, the last one standing.

There are many hints and tips to this game. To effectively beat this game and receive a higher score, you must aim not to lose hp, even though you still gain a little bit at the start of each new level. Even though you may be at full health, the extra health at the new level will add to it. When you hit a car, immediately back away as the opponent car often charges you straight after doing major damage. A good strategy is to hit the opponent car front on, then reverse, and hit another car boot first. Most people play this game by running in circles in the center, letting other cars bang into them but hurting themselves while others dodge the other cars and finish off the last one. Any method is fine but remember that you can only score points for as many hits as you do.

In the game, there are multiple upgrades. If you are a user of the circle running tactic, then get the oil slick. This will make your wheels more slippery and make you spin in a tight circle round and round. If nothing else, the tire tracks look pretty neat 🙂

If you are a full frontal assaulter tactician, then never ever attack if there are two or three of your opponent cars near each other. Most likely they will all hit you causing major damage to your vehicle. Rather, try focusing on one at time.

Another method is to bang your opponent into the wall for major damage. Although you may not score as high in that level, you pass it nonetheless in a short time. For instance, you bang into the car for 5 damage points and then it bangs into the wall for another 5, or possibly 10. That’s 15 damage points all up!

Never ever stay near the walls. Many a time, people accidentally turn into it losing nearly over a quarter of their hp. If an opponent car also hits you, your car will be sent into the wall making you lose extra hp.

Although theoretically, the game is played rough and tumble, a good strategy will send you a long way in the game. Play fair, and most of all, play smart. Knowledge is a very powerful thing.

Kym Huynh


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