Bruno’s Backwoods Breakaway Guide by Hyper_Sushi21

Kym Huynh —  October 8, 2015 — Leave a comment

Bruno’s Backwoods Breakaway is a pretty easy game. You play Bruno, Sophie’s brother from the Tale Of Woe plot, and you have to get all the potions without getting hit by the villagers or the rocks they throw.

There isn’t anything random in this game like the others, the potions are all in the same places, the villagers are in the same places and the layout (map) is the same every time you play (it does change from level to level though). If you memorize where everything is, you can get the total 3000nps from it in about ten minutes.

At the start of the game, there are two villagers, the Ixi and the Wocky (the tall yellow thing and the shorter orange thing with clothes on) who stay on the ledge that they are on, they can’t jump off (although the rocks they throw can) however, in level 3 a new villager is introduced, a Kacheek (It’s short, green and jumps) comes who can jump and in level 5, there are 2 villagers who can move around, the green Kacheek and a blue Techo.

The ledges scroll along with you, both horizontally and vertically, so if you go across all the way, you will end up where you started, and if you go down all the way, you will also get back to where you started. By holding the down arrow key while standing on a ledge, you can see the ledges below you, and if you hold the up arrow key, you can see above you. The left and right arrow keys take Bruno left and right while space is jump.

Points are given for depositing potions in the cave, and increase with the quantity of potions you deposit at a time so if you deposit 5 potions, the first gets you 5 nps, the second 10nps, 25nps for the third, 50 for the fourth and 100 for the fifth, any further potions gain 100 pts each. If you deposit 3 potions, and then pick up and deposit 2 more, you’ll get 55pts instead of 190pts so it’s better to collect all the potions and deposit them all at once at the cave Bruno starts at. Doing so, you will get 190pts for the first level, total 380pts for the second, total 570pts for the third, total 860 pts for the fourth and total 1150 pts for the fifth. Since the highest amount of NP you can get from one game is 1000 and you get 100np per 100pts, I always end the game when I finish the fifth level.

Another thing, even though it says that you have 3 lives on the sidebar, you really have 4, since it counts as how many lives you have left, meaning that it doesn’t include the life you are currently ‘living.’ Getting hit by a villager or a rock that they throw will cause you to lose a life and all the potions you carry. – Hyper_Sushi21

Kym Huynh


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