Another Wicked Wocky Wobble Guide by Novatitan

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This game is hard at first glance. But when you figure out the mechanics for the game it seems playable. Also it’s a new game to add to you list of dailies in which you can get 500+ neopoints per game in a couple seconds. Maybe more depending on how lucky you are.

How to Play

First thing is there is no time limit and no penalty for not catching items. The object of the game is to try and stack the falling objects as high as you can without dropping them. Every now and then a Warf or Drakonack comes and blocks your path. I’ve been caught in the corner from one before and I could still balance my huge stack. All they do is stop you from being able to catch some of the falling items for 5 seconds.

You may want to note that the higher scoring objects don’t fall until you are carrying at least to objects. Changing directions in this game gets easier the more you practice it. If you want to change directions in this game you need to speed up in the direction your heading until the item on top of you stack is pointing to the side you want to head. For example, your heading left and you want to head right. You need to move your mouse far enough on the left side that your pile is pointing right then you can start moving right.


Books are your friend. Not only do they give decent points. They are flat and don’t make your pile as high as other objects. If your going for a high score. Try and get only books. Faerie Dolls are also very flat and good items to get.

Blinking objects are worth lots of points. The only time I would get something besides a book is if the object is blinking. The only problem with these is that they are falling a lot faster than normal objects. So most of the time you wont have time to be get to them unless they fall right over you. Examples of Blinking objects are the meteor and the blue spotted fruit.

Balancing your stack is easy. Almost every time I lose is because I was trying to hard to get an item and pushed my limits to much. If a petpet blocks your way you can still move your mouse and even though your Wocky is stuck against the petpet or the edge the stack still move back and forth as if he’s moving.

As soon as you see a petpet coming get as close to it as you can without dropping your stack. This will make it stop sooner, giving you more room to catch and dodge items. – Novatitan



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