A Basic Guide to Neverending Boss Battle by starbred

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The Story

He came from beyond the stars to conquer the planet Neopia. Unfortunately for Dr. Sloth, one thing stands in the way of completely obliterating your beloved planet – YOU. Your single-man fighter is really no match for Dr. Sloth’s Battlecruiser, but it’s all you’ve got. You won’t win of course, your mission is simply to delay him as much as possible to give the Neopians time to prepare.

Hello, are you ready to master Neverending Boss Battle? Okay, let’s get going!

The Basics

Controls – The first thing you need to know to play this game, and virtually every other game in this world is the controls. The controls for NBB (Neverending Boss Battle) are quite simple really.

To move up you push push the UP arrow key on your keyboard. Down, DOWN key. Rotate left with the LEFT key, and right, with the RIGHT key.

Now, to move your ship back and forth in a parallel motion, in other words, strafing, you push Z to strafe left, and C To strafe right.

Finally we get to firing you ship. To do this either push SPACE or X.

You can also use the num pad on your keyboard with 7 being strafe left, 9 being strafe right, 8, 4, 2, and 6 being up, left, down, and right respectively.

Your Goal – Your goal is to see how many times you can hit Sloth before you run out of lives so you can. As said above, delay Dr. Sloth as long as you can to give the Neopians time to prepare for his attack. So basically, the longer you stay alive, the more points you rack up.

Your Ship

Your ship can be hit by Dr. Sloth 5 times per life. That is 15 hits total, for you get 3 lives. You can fire your projectile at Sloth’s ship which gives you 5 points per shot. You have a great advantage over Sloth for your ship is very small and can maneuver and fly faster.

Sloth’s ship

Front Laser – When you are directly in front of Sloth’s ship, he will eventually fire this powerful laser at you. When you see it powering up, just, well, RUN!!!

Rear Laser – This laser can fire anywhere at all. It will start to power up when you get inside its sensor perimeter. You can find this perimeter by moving close to the ship.

Missile Gun – There are two of these. The missile gun fires targeting missiles which track you down. However, they are short range. They last for approximately 3 seconds. Since they are destructible you can shoot them down, or just outrun them until they self-destruct. These are the only thing Sloth puts at you that can be destructed. Hit these and they will blow up. The missiles look like this:

Fireball Gun – There are two of these also. They continually fire fireballs when you are in front of the ship. Be careful you don’t get caught in these, for every hit means less time to get points.

Projectile Guns – These two guns rotate and fire small star-shaped, light blue projectiles at random places like crazy. You have to dodge these as they come at you. Some are fast, some are slow, you never know (hehe, that rhymes)!


Ahh yes, yet another advantage over Sloth. You can use POWERUPS!! Ok, let’s learn about these lovely little busters.

1.) Each powerup lasts only 10 seconds.
2.) You can only use one powerups at a time.
3.) There will only be TWO powerups floating around the screen at one time. Once you use one of the two, another will appear in approximately FIVE seconds.

– The Sheild. This powerup puts an orb around you and will protect you from Sloth’s projectiles and fireballs. However, this shield will only endure approximately 3 seconds in either of the lasers.

– The Warp hole. This powerup keeps you alive for another 10 seconds. When a projectile or missile hits you, it transports you to a RANDOM location. When I say random, I mean, ANYWHERE on the screen. This is good for some game strategies but not for others. If you are in a place you want to stay at, I suggest not to use it.

– The Split Bullet – This is my favorite powerup. I mean the Speed Bullet powerups is great, but, what if there were two sets of Speed Bullets in one powerup? That is basically what this is. Two sets of Speed Bullets, combined into one powerup! The best way to go about using this powerup is to go just inside the rear laser’s sensory perimeter, (when it starts powering up.) That way, both sets of bullets will hit the Sloth instead of one, if you were farther back.

– The Ricocheting Bullet. Ok, this powerups tells all about itself in its name. While using this powerup your projectile will bounce around the sides of the screen until it hits Sloth. I highly suggest forgetting about the ricocheting part, for it functions just the same as the Speed Bullet. Use it just like you would with the Speed Bullet.

– The Bullet Rate Increaser. This is another powerup that can help you greatly. Either to shoot down those guided missiles, or just to get more points. As said before, use this and all powerups wisely.

– The Speed Boost. Whoa! Dodge those missiles! The laser is powering up, get out of the way! These are some examples that this lovely powerup can come in use. Basically, you can get out of the way… FAST! Or maybe quickly get another powerup. Whatever you want that you need to do quickly, this is the powerup you should use.


If you are puzzled by anything, want to make comments, suggestions, or need additional help, neomail Starbred. Feel free to ask questions and I will try my best to answer them! Good luck with everything! – starbred

Kym Huynh


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