The Castle of Eliv Thade Cheats

Kym Huynh —  June 2, 2018 — Leave a comment

Prevent mistakes and speed up game play

To prevent mistakes and speed up game play when typing the scramble into an anagram solver, type it into your toolbar’s search engine (usually on the top right of your browser). You can then copy and paste it into an anagram solver opened in another tab. – by aikuhimeheathe


Have you noticed that Eliv Thade can be rearranged into Evil Death? – by xL00Hx

The strange non-moving square

If you click on the square you are standing on, you will have to answer an anagram with random letters. If you answer correctly though, nothing happens, you don’t get any score but if you get it wrong, you lose a life. – by rafern_hardon

Anagram solvers

I know this may sound silly, but the way I found to get a higher score in Eliv Thade was to use an internet anagram server solver. Namely the one I use is at – it provides a heap of possibilities for what the anagram your trying to solve may be. (Although it can’t figure out neopets related anagrams, so you’ll have to figure out those ones for yourself) :). Easiest way to do that is to write down all the letters on a piece of paper (or use notepad) and re-arrange them manually, eventually you’ll get it, it takes a long time sometimes, but you get the answer 🙂 Good luck!

Extra links to anagram solvers – – by cazzaca

Secret path

There’s a secret path in the Castle of Eliv Thade. To use it, from the starting position, go up 1, left 1, the click either up 1, 2, or 3 and solve the anagram and you will move to that space and a path will appear behind you! – by all_that_is_good and rollin_wha

Extra hint

Type in ‘rehaxtint’ without the ‘ and ‘ to gain an extra hint in the game. – by myname7772

Kym Huynh


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