Neopets Game Cheats by Brittany

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I don’t exactly have all of the game codes here, but I’ll work on them and then maybe do another article. For these codes, just type them in when you’re playing the game or on the title screen.

Attack of the Slorgs

  • Marrow: Gives you an extra life
  • Slorgerizer: Blasts a few Slorgs at once
  • Chargex4: Recharges your laser

Deck Swabber

  • Vitaminc: Restores your health

Destruct-o-Match II

  • Destroyboulders: Destroys all boulders of a random color
  • Boohooiwanttheoldgameback: If you type this on the select a game screen, it will allow you to play the original Destruct-o-Match

Meridell Castle

  • Valrigard: Resets the clock

Extreme Herder

  • Freeze: Freezes all Balthazars

Feed Florg

  • This isn’t the best one, but if you move your mouse to the bottom left hand corner, the hand will start to move very fast and you can just watch the game play itself. (You have to go to options and select the mouse control.)

Hasee Bounce

  • Doughnutfruit: Resets the time, but it only works once.

Meepit Juice Break

  • Hungrymeepits: Adds an extra life
  • Juice-o-matic: Resets all of the Meepits times (very useful)

Meerca Chase 2

  • Superexrtahypergravitymode: Another new game mode where there is a hole in the middle of the screen and you can’t fall into it.
  • Ferociousneggsareontheloose: You can get a new game mode where the neggs move.

Volcano Run

  • Lava: gives you a shield (can only be used once)

Ultimate Bullseye

  • Catapult: I don’t really know what this does, but it gives you a power-up


  • Lrslsts: Now you can play as Theibos
  • Sltitsr: Now you can play as Khadir
  • Sslrstrl: Now you can play as Ramset
  • Lrlrss: Now you can play as Horak

Eliv Thade

  • Rehaxtint: Gives you an extra hint. Don’t type it in when you are unscrambling a message, only when you are in the map area. You can use this as many times as you want, as long as you still have some other clues left.

Sutek’s Tomb

  • Pyramibread: Gives you a hint for your next move
  • Scarabeus: Adds 30 seconds to your time

Faerie Bubbles

  • Faerieland: Gives you a rainbow bubble
  • Manybubbles, faeriebubbles, bubbles: If you type any of these in it will turn all the bubbles one color. The color is random, so I can’t tell you which one it will be, but I LOVE this code. It must be the most useful.
  • Nobubbles: Gives you a dark faerie bubble
  • Slumberberry: Moves the screen up so you have more room to shoot the bubbles

Dubloon Disaster

  • Scallywags: Creates a whirlpool to get rid of all the metal things. You can only use this once, so I’d recommend using it when there is a lot of things.
  • Blackpawkeet: This one really does work. It increases your chance of getting a 100 dubloon coin. You have to type it in again every time you get a 100 dubloon coin.

Chia Bomber

  • Geoffry: Gives you an extra life

Dice Escape

  • Helpmeplease: Gives you more time
  • Moretimeruki: Once you’ve used the last code, you can use this one to also give you more time.
  • Topdown: VERY USEFUL. It moves the screen upward so you can see the whole thing .- Brittany



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