Mootix Drop Cheats

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While free falling during any mission in a campaign (not the Single Drops) click restart until you run out of lives and it’s game over. Harry will keep falling and eventually bounce. Harry will then fly up again and reveal the whole room! – Dongocat85

Mootix Surprises

Upon selecting your difficulty level, you are brought to the screen where you select your drop. Using the arrow keys, push up and down. You will notice that one of a variation of 6 petpets appears. If you enter the correct combination of characters a surprise will happen! – Mootix

Mootix Drop Secret Combinations

Before you launch the Mootix press up and down to select a symbol. There are 4 to choose from (Babaa, Spyder, Mootix and a target) press right to select 2 more. The codes below all affect the game, and I have tested every possibility. The letters are the first initials of each symbol.

S = Spyder
T = Target
B = Babaa
M = Mootix

STT – All rings worth 1,000! Impossible to land though.

STB – Moves really fast! Travels twice as far when you press up, down, left right etc.

TTS – Land on a Spyder but start with 8 extra points.

TMB – Invisible Mootix! You can just about see a lighter region that is your Mootix hardest on the Babaa levels.

BTS – Drop at twice the speed but you start with 5 extra points.

BMS – Giant Mootix! Makes it really hard to see the rings until you miss them.

MTB – Reverse movements. The Mootix is upside down, so left is right, up is down etc.

MTM – Itsy bitsy Mootix. This may look easier at first but the Mootix you see going through the rings doesnt give you points, you have to imagine the regular Mootix is there, otherwise you’ll miss the rings.

STT – Start with 8,888 points in the secret Spyder level but you go up instead of down and the level never ends. – knd1994123

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