Meerca Chase Cheats

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Meerca Chase Secret Levels

To access secret level 1, press shift then press play
To access secret level 2, click on the top right hand corner of the game screen then press play.
Secret level 2 gives you a bonus of x15

Please Note: Secret level 2 has been disabled. Thanks to nitey4ever for the information!

Meerca Chase Misc Secret

As you know, hitting shift makes the controls backward at certain times. Well if you think this is to hard because it is going at the Fast Speed, and that you’ll never get it right. Here is a good way to practice at slower levels. Basically, you just hit the shift key, and then click on the speed you want. If you hit shift then click slow., the controls will still be backwards, but the Meerca will be going at a slower speed. – Drew Foreman

JASON Secret

Please note, this secret does not work on all computers due to individual settings. For instance, some computers allows the user to hold down five keys without any problems while most computers only allow a user to hold down four (hence making this secret unable to be used). This secret is authentic however as I have screenshots of it in action.
Go to Meerca Chase and put cap lock on or hold shift doesn’t matter then at main menu press and hold J A S O N in order and an F will appear in a circle. Now select any difficulty, and play the game. After the first negg, there will be a lot of Fish Neggs! – mewtoo13

Gain the J Boogie mouse cursor

When Meerca Chase has loaded, put your cursor over the top right hand corner. You should see the hand symbol replace the arrow so just click on it and you will get a ‘Boogie’ cursor. – Gusrox333

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