Dailies by Ella Harman

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Tombola: The prizes are usually junk, except for bottled faeries and codestones. You can do this once everyday. The winning is totally random. This game is free.

Fruit Machine: The prizes for this vary. You can get anything from 50 NP to 15,000 NP. You can even win paintbrushes. You can also win nothing at all! This game has random winning. You can play once a day. This game is free.

Coltzan’s Shrine: This shrine can give you level ups, NPs, food, defence, attack, speed, etc. It depends on timing, really. You can play this once a day. It is free. The times are:

Speed: Every fifth second of the hour
Defence: Every tenth second of the hour
Strength: Every thirty minutes of the hour
Endurance (hit points): Every hour of the day
Level: Every two hours of the day!
Burnt Food: 11:00 – 12:00 NST
Dubloons: 55 seconds past the minute there is a rumour that at exactly 12:00 PM (NST) Coltzan gives out 1,000,000 NP, but only to one lucky person!

The Wheel of Excitement: you can win from 10NP to 10,000 NP and some good items! I heard if you spin on the hour you get 10,000 NP. This game costs 150 NP and you can play it once every two hours.

Snowager: You can win prizes from key chains to snowballs to anything! Your neopets can be blasted. This is free. The times that the Snowager is away are:
6 AM – 7 AM
2 PM – 3 PM
10 AM – 11 AM

Giant Jelly: You can get one free jelly a day here is the link: http://www.neopets.com/jelly/index.phtml

Giant Omelette: Just like the Giant Jelly. You can get one free omelette a day some rarer than others.

Buried Treasure: You can play once every three hours, but it costs 300 NP. I haven’t won yet but when and if I do I will win a lot. Grumpy Old King: You should do this everyday. The jokes don’t have to make sense! You can get 2 avatars from this! And you can win a few neopoints and an item! But you only have one try a day! (free) Guess the Marrow: The Marrow weights something between 200 and 800 pounds. It changes everyday. If you guess it right you get a prize! You have one try a day! (free) there is a cheat for this but I am not sure if it works when you guess the weight and you get it wrong in the URL bar it says at the end =wrong put =right then you win!

Healing Springs: This is free and you can do it once every half an hour! Your neopets can gain HP, get their health healed, or get potions!

Deserted Fairground Scratchcards: These cost 1,200 neopoints and you can get different ones. You do not get to choose! You can only buy one scratchcard every two hours (goes for the one in terror mountain, but not for the shop wizard). You can win a decent amount of NP! You also can get an avatar!

Lab Ray: You must buy all 9 pieces of the lab map. It usually is about 500K all together! You can go once a day when you get it. You can get better or worse stats and different neopets and colours!

Pick Your Own: You collect berries. You can do this once a day for 400 NP! You can only visit 20 areas until your times up! You can get a Neopets avatar from this!

Turmaculus: This is awake once a day. You can go to the avatar boards and if you see a lot of boards saying “THE TURMY IS AWAKE” then check. You can get an avatar or some cool items! It’s free, but you only have one chance!

Wheel of Mediocrity: This costs 50 NP and you can do it every 45 minutes. You can get an avatar, but the highest prize is 1k!

Wheel of Misfortune: This costs 100 NP and you can do it once every two hours! You get petpets, neopoints and other scary items!

Scratchcard Kiosk: These scratchcards cost 600NP! On the lowest card you can win up to 10k! It’s really a good way to get NP. Same things apply as the Deserted Fairground Scratchcards.

Wheel of Monotony: This wheel takes between 30 minutes to 2 hours, is what TNT says, but often it takes more! You should open another window when doing this. You can get an avatar ,petpets, paintbrushes, etc.! You can do this once a day!

Desert Scratchcard Kiosk: This costs 500 per scratchcard. You can win neopoints (from 500 and up), sand snowballs, rings, petpets, or many other things!

Qasalan Expellibox: Not many people know about this I found it out because I saw it on the advertisements you have a chance of winning neocash, neopoints, several different foods but you can also get your pet diseased but I think it is worth a shot you can only do this once a day. Last but not least: Games: Everyone always looks for the easy way to get neopoints but I think the easiest way is playing games! You can enter world challenges having a chance of winning a piece of a map which is worth a lot! or you can challenge your neofriends if you are particularly good at one specific game! – Ella Harman

Kym Huynh


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