A Day in the Life of Your Average Neopian by xpretty_pistolx

Kym Huynh —  August 29, 2015 — Leave a comment

There are some Neopets users who spend hours on their accounts, working hard by playing games and restocking. I am not one of them. I play 10 or so games a day, get my daily freebies, maybe do some work in my shop, and make sure my Neopets are healthy, happy, and well cared for. If I have some money to spare Ill train them. Usually I spend a month or so advancing the skills and knowledge of each pet. Here is my easy guide to earning about 10k in one hour or less.

1. Healing Springs. (Faerie Land) I go there first because you can return every half hour. This place is especially good if your pet is ill, as it may be healed for free instead of you having to purchase those overpriced medicines.

2. Faerie Crossword. (Faerie Land) http://www.pinkpt.com/ has the answers daily, so you can earn an easy 600 NP.

3. Tombola! (Mystery Island) I have never won anything worth more than 1000 NP. But thats okay! Learn to embrace freebies, as worthless as they may seem. Cheap junk is good for filling up your Safety Deposit Box, which can gain you an avatar (Im not there yet).

4. Island Mystic. (Mystery Island) If he says something involving Kyriis you get a cool avatar. I had it on my old account but not yet on this one.

5. Coltzans Shrine. (Lost Desert) You can visit this once every 12 hours. Ive gotten desert fruits, levels, 100-300 NP, improved strength/agility/etc, and even a 10 Dubloon Coin! Other times nothing has happened. It is still definitely worth visiting.

6. Fruit Machine. (Lost Desert) Okay, so the best Ive won has been 133 NP and an Ummagine. That doesnt mean thats it though! People have gotten 10K and rare items. Just play every day, its free!

7. Giant Omelette (Tyrannian Plateau) You can get a free omelette here. This has three portions to it and if you get it daily, your pets wont go hungry.

8. Jelly World. (http://www.neopets.com/jelly) Yes, it does actually exist! If you go to the Giant Jelly, you get a free glob which has two portions.

9. Snowager (Ice Caves on Terror Mountain). You can only visit him at 6am – 7am, 2pm – 3pm, 10pm – 11pm NST. I havent gotten any rare items, but a few free snowballs and plushies are cool.

10. Underwater Fishing. (Maraquan Ruins) Every day you can reel in your line and get a fish, sea plant, or random piece of junk. Your pets can gain skill from this.

11. Games! (the Games button) Every person is good at different games. I play Ultimate Bullseye (1k), Hasee Bounce (1k), Usuki Frenzy (900 NP), Ice Cream Machine (2k), Mynci Beach Volleyball (600 NP), Deckswabber (800 NP), Hannah and the Pirate Caves (2k), and Trouble at the National Neopian (1k). I know you are probably saying to yourself, Wow, those games are so babyish! But hey, these are what work for me as a Neopets user. I’m sure you have games that you play often and are quite good at. Use those to your advantage to gain NP.

12. Interest. (Neopia Central, the Bank) I cannot stress the importance enough of having a bank account! It stores all of your money so it cant be stolen through random events. You are also less likely to splurge on items that you don’t need. Every day you can collect a small amount of interest. Be sure to do that before depositing or withdrawing though!

I hope this step-by-step has been helpful to you! Go have fun, but remember kids- always eat your asparagus.

Kym Huynh


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