Winning the Beauty Contest by Neofrog140

Kym Huynh —  February 2, 2016 — 1 Comment

An Update From Calic0Paws

First, let me know that I love your site, and I’ve used it many times and its great. But recently, I’ve just read an article, “Winning The Beauty Contest” by Neofrog140. I have a great suspicion that this article was written before the “great change” in the Beauty Contest when Neopets changed. If you don’t remember, Neopets once was able to show the “winning” neopets that currently had the most votes, and how much votes your pets currently has. But not very long ago, neopets took that feature off. Now there is no page showing the winning pets and does not show the owner or the entry viewer how many votes that pet has. This was to discourage trading votes. Before the great change, the neopets Beauty contest boards were filled with topics on trading votes, where the traders would trade by their pets vote numbers. Now, Neopets very very strictly prohibit the trading of votes, and now there is absolutely no vote trading going on in the boards. Unlike the writing of the article said, trading votes are BAD, not good. Another problem that I especially disliked, was when the author told the reader to “get a friend who can actually draw” to make your entry for you. This goes against every single code an artist has, and ever since Neopets created any art contests there was a rule that did now allow people to submit another’s picture. Although no one can really tell who drew the original picture, telling people that it is ok makes things a lot worse. I recently checked the author of this article on neopets (if his/her username is indeed Neofrog140) and he or she was not present. Either his/her username is not Neofrog140 or he/she had been long frozen by the neopets staff.

Thank you so much for reading this, since I’m pretty sure that many people can go un-frozen if they knew the actual rules now. I do not blame the author for saying trading votes is good, this was written before the change. But the whole thing about submitting someone else’s work is against every artist’s code, and not to mention the Neopets terms and conditions. Please consider either editing the article or deleting it for the good of future Neopets users. Thanks again for reading this, and I hope my wordiness did not take up too much of your time. Happy Holidays and New Years. – Calic0Paws

The Original Guide

Ok, so you were wondering around Pet Central and you happen to click on the beauty contest link. For those of you that don’t know what the beauty contest is, it’s well… a beauty contest. No, not for you! It’s for your pets! See, the goal of the “game” is to draw a picture of your pet. But, look at the pictures currently in the contest. They’re great! And well, how is your picture going to be that good? Well, here’s where I come in. First of all, I know what I’m talking about because I have gotten first place twice before. Or well, my pets have… but you know what I mean. But I’m sure that these tips will most certainly help you:

Lesson 1. If your really good at drawing, well… draw! But, if your going to do a sketch or actually hand-draw something, you better try saving that for the pictures competition. You can get there at Pet Central. But anyway, you probably and most likely should draw it on your computer. I guess you could just use the paint program that comes with your computer or.. Download Paint Shop Pro 7 for free!! Actually, it’s a 30 day trial but, same thing… kind of. Also: Another option worked ONLY if you have a scanner in your home. You can hand draw a picture and then scan it. Then you can use Paint Shop Pro and color it and “jazz” it up. Just make it look nicer. But, if you can’t draw try this…

Lesson 2. If you can’t draw (and you have already tried) there’s still a way you can enter. Reason being: There are many GREAT artists out there in Neopia! They can draw for you. If you have a friend that is great at artwork, why not ask him/her to help you draw a picture of your pet so you can submit it into the art and beauty contest? ^_^

Lesson 3. Ok, so now you have this great picture of your pet! So, now what? Well, just go to the beauty contest link. Then, at the top there are a lot of other links. One of them says, ‘Enter Contest’. Click that. Then, you will either go to a page that says, ‘ We’re sorry, but the Beauty Contest has all the entries it can hold. Please enter the next contest as soon as this one is over. Thank you.’ Then, you need to wait until after that coming Tuesday to enter. If it doesn’t say that, it will take you to a page that has your pets’ pictures’. If you are entering for your green kiko named Sally, look for Sally’s box. Then, there will be a browse button in the box. Click it and then take out whatever picture you want to enter. Then you will have to write a short speech in the text box. But it can only be at maximum 8 lines long. Then, when you’re done typing up the speech, click the button that says ‘Enter Pet’.

Lesson 4. Alrighty. The beauty contest started and you’re the only one that has voted. So time to advertise!!!!! Ask people in your shop to vote, ask people in your guild to vote, ask ALL of your neofriends to vote. Then finally, Ask people you don’t know at all!! Go to the message boards. Use the beauty contest board of course as that is what it is there for. Reason being: They have pets in the contest too. And they know how it feels to not have that many votes.

Lesson 5. Trading Votes: Good thing or bad thing? Definitely a good thing. But, if you say you are going to trade votes, do please vote. Because I don’t know how many times I have seen people say they will vote and they don’t. But yet, you vote for them. That’s just down right mean. But, the best way to get people to trade is to go to the Beauty Contest message board and title the board (in bold so it’ draws attention) I’ll trade you votes. Then, on the message part, include the url to your pet’s picture and also say something like, ‘Post the vote # you were.’ That way, you’ll know if they actually did vote. Then of course, go around and vote for their pet.

Lesson 6. There really isn’t one. That’s pretty much the best strategy that you can use to win. Of course, keep checking how many votes you have and see how many votes you need to pull ahead and win. But well, the only thing left to say is.. Good Luck! And I hope these tips work for you. But then after the contest, let me tell you, you get some pretty cool prizes. Which are:

Overall Winners!

First Prize – 20,000 NP + one rare item
Second Prize – 10,000 NP + one rare item
Third Prize – 5,000 NP + one rare item

Species Winners!

First Prize – 10,000 NP
Second Prize – 5,000 NP
Third Prize – 2,500 NP

So, it’s worth all of your hard work! Or is it? Well, that’s your to decide! But remember: If you pay 50,000np for a picture and get like third place overall and a purple paint brush… do you REALLY think it was worth it? Well, like I just said, you get to decide on that! Good Luck and Bye! – Neofrog140

Kym Huynh


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  1. This is definitely a must-read for anyone who has their sights set on the BC trophy.

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