Persevere in the Beauty Contest by Kathryn

Kym Huynh —  April 24, 2014 — Leave a comment

When I first joined up with Neopets in 2003,i was just an average user. I collected the daily dos and played a few games and remained average, I didn’t even have many neofriends! However, if someone told me my pet would be winning a beauty contest whilst I played on Neopets, I wouldn’t have believed them for toffee! and guess what, I still don’t believe it now!

For some reason the beauty contest seemed attractive to me, perhaps the thought of a gleaming trophy on my pets page was just too exciting but whatever it was, I entered straight away without hesitation.

I’m here to give a guide on how to win a beauty contest or at the least be awarded with a trophy-even in 3rd place. It is not simple but it is possible- as I have proved (just check my pets page if you don’t believe me).

Okay,so first you need to “create” your entry. It has to be 100% original but obviously based on Neopets. I drew my plushie flotsam by hand and scanned it in, but you can use Photoshop to help you too. Try drawing your pet In a funny suit or funny clothes-this makes your entry quirky and more likely to get votes. I was lucky that my plushie flotsam got votes as there were many of the same to vote for.

The easiest part (for me anyway) was the drawing, the hardest was “getting noticed”. It’s almost like you want a job as a model, you have to keep reminding everyone that your pet exists, otherwise you’ll just get ignored-believe me!

When I entered I made sure I had the website address to my “entry in the Neopets gallery as my signature on the neoboards. This way it still gets noticed but of course, this is barely enough. I was lucky enough to make a friend with someone who had a lot of connections. He emailed all his friends on Neopets to vote for me. Over a week I had lots and lots of votes. This still wasn’t enough on its own though. I had to post my heart out on the neoboards in fear of getting rejected. (my advice is post as often as you can) but don’t spam! People lose respect for you that way.

I also found swapping votes was good because that way you are guaranteed to get the votes you need. This can also be a way of making neofriends.

Anyway, time went by and my neopet got further and further up the leaderboard. I couldn’t believe it when she was awarded the trophy for 2nd place!

It just shows that determination is the key, don’t be rude to people, be generous and polite. Obviously the level of entry is important in anything but if people know your pet exists-they are more likely to vote.

I was just determined. The first time I entered my neopet, she slid down the board without being noticed at all and this was with the same entry that I entered the second time!

My sole advice is to persevere as this is the only way. I wish everyone the best of luck and I hope my experiences have helped – Kathryn

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