Abilities Explained

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What are abilities?

Abilities are special moves which your neopet are able to be blessed with.

What are they used for?

Abilities can only be used in the Battledome when battling another opponent.

How do I bless my neopet with abilities?

You must have in your possession some bottled faeries. These faeries can be found as a random event, be bought in the Magic Shop, be bought by doing a search on the Shop Wizard, traded in the Trading Post or by having a friend give you one. Once you have one, go to your inventory screen, click on the bottled faerie, and select ‘Bless Your NeoPet’. Your neopet should be blessed.

What kind of faeries are there?

Fire Faerie, Water Faerie, Light Faerie, Air Faerie, Dark Faerie and Earth Faerie.

The faerie flew away! What happened?

If this is the case, this is because your neopet’s level is too low. To acquire certain powers, your neopet but be strong enough to contain it. Only then can it be blessed with the power. To make sure if your neopet’s level is high enough, PPT provides an ‘Abilities Chart’ which will tell you which level your neopet needs to be at to be blessed.

My neopet is on level 26 and doesn’t have any abilities, if I bless it, I’m worried that it might skip all the weaker powers.

This will never happen. In order for your neopet too learn the stronger power, it must learn the weaker one first. So regardless if you have a level 27 neopet, if you bless it for the first time, it will only learn the weakest power.

How do I increase my neopet’s ability?

Your neopet’s ability can be increased by:

  1. Feeding it a ‘Radioactive Negg’.
  2. Landing on the Light Faerie on the Wheel of Excitement.
  3. Completing a Faerie Queen quest. (However the ability level increase is a random roll.)

Can I determine which ability I want increased?

No you cannot. If you have more than one ability, than it is randomized which ability level is increased.

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