What I Like About Neopets by mry_anne_rox

Kym Huynh —  December 3, 2017 — 1 Comment

Most of the games I play Imwell, not so hot at. Some times I even search for hints on the Internet. Fortunate for me I can at least play Turmac Roll. Even though its like the easiest game to play I still feel good about my self for at least getting 300 or less.

When I checked for cheats on 1 site there was about millions of people asking for my password. So I thought I should do it the other way again. It was till I got mad at Neopets for freezing my account for sharing an account with my cousin because if I tried doing Neopets by my self my neopet would commit sue aside for sure! Of course I never got it back but after a couple weeks I eventually got over it.

The other thing I love about Neopets is my guild called not-a-meepit. I love that guild the person that made it up is like, a Neopets neo billionaire, the reason I joined that guild is because she writes AMAZING cartoons about her baby Lupe. If I could write a cartoon I would write it about my quiggle cup_0_noddle, hes not very special like, painted or intelligent so I dont think it would be very popular.

If I could have 1 paintbrush in the whole neopia it would be a marshmallow paintbrush for my grundo. I think they are so cute! So are the chias that are painted pea. Some times when I go on the Internet people try and get me to sign up on their referral page. They say like have like 256 in your account name and in your pets name and then refresh it 3 times and you will have 132265415451 neopoints. And I actually fell for that once and I found out what a referral was, and then I finally caught on.

The only that I dont like about Neopets is that people get like so caught up in it like its their life. Like one time my best friend Ruthann had all four of her pets painted and had another one left over , and when I asked her for it she told me why give it to you for free when I could get money for it! It like takes over their mind and makes it put Neopets before any thing else.

I always wondered why you would buy a tee shirt for your neopet because they dont really ware it. The only thing I ever bought a tee shirt for was for Ednas Tower. One time on Ednas tower she made me bring her a red ball of yarn, and garlic to make a garden gnome. I thought it was so stupid, and some times it isnt really worth it. I bought a Harris rug and a kiko squeeze toy for like 4500 np and all I got was 113 np and a slime Sunday, I made me so mad! – mry_anne_rox

Kym Huynh


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One response to What I Like About Neopets by mry_anne_rox

  1. If you send your username and pass to joshahome2002@yahoo.com I can get you any paintbrush or anything else. I used to work for them so I know everything you need to know. My account has every paint brush abou 300 mil neopoints (maybe more)and much more. Ill get you anything you want. If i scam you then you may report me:)

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