Neopets: Throughout the Years by Valentine1880

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Neopets is a virtual pet site, home to over 70 million users. When I first came to this site, I was one of the first users. When Bruce was a man, and a Gelert was called a Polypup. It was a site where you could have these creatures, that were beyond your imagination, play games, and just have fun. Neopets still is that site, bigger and better.

They now have 53 pets that you can adopt, and there are more to come. Some pets you cant even get, they are so rare, thats where the challenge is. You can even give your pet a pet called a petpet, there is even a petpetpet!

You can even paint your pets to look amazing. There are so many paintbrushes, like faerie, baby, and darigan. Who would come up with an idea like that? Painting your pets what a great idea! Unfortunately you cant paint a living dog or cat, so the Neopets staff creates Neopet paintbrushes. But, these paintbrushes are rare, and I mean vary rare. You may also buy them at the hidden tower, but they are VERY expensive. This idea was not created when Neopets first came out, but thats why Neopets is better more now than ever!

As Neopets got more and more popular, it began coming out with merchandise. You can buy stuffed animal, notepads, and shirts at stores like Limited Too. Theres trading cards you can buy practically anywhere. There is even a video game Neopets just recently came out with, The Darkest Faerie. Now Neopets can be outside of the computer, in the palm of your hand.

Neopets is a worldwide community it was first available in places like Europe and North America , but now Neopets is being spread everywhere. Its been being translated into languages like Chinese.

Can you imagine that Neopets is already 8 years old? It seems like only yesterday I first saw this site. But now, it is so much different so many changes, but so much good. Yet, its still the same Neopets. You still adopt a pet and take care of it. You still earn neopoints, there are still some newbies going to the soup faerie for help. Just imagine, its been 8 years. – Valentine1880



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