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Written by Dancingq213552126
Having a look at the PPT site,
Wondering if I shall get a fright,
Looking into the FREE neopoints,
Deciding to test my luck.

Choosing the game I should play next,
Will I win? Let’s see shall we,
Crossing my fingers,
Closing my eyes..

A faerie I have won,
From that Tombola dip,
From the Coltzan’s Shrine..

Entering my shop to sell my prize,
What a nice surprise.
How wonderful, how wonderful,
surprise, surprise

Life in Neopia

Written by princessstar.sakhzi

What with the tensions,
Of growing inflation’s,
And the fear of the tax beasts’ pensions

Life in Neopia has become very hard,
I wish someone would send me a happy holidays card,
And make this life less barred

Playing games for hours on an end,

With so many gifts to buy and send,
With no one is willing to lend

A few neopoints are hard to get,
Our ends hardly our met,
There is much to do yet

Is no cloud willing to show a silver lining?
As I sit here pining,
I lie in hopes of real dining

Yet life in Neopia is so much fun,
From the real world I want to run,
Right here back to the lost desert dun

Yes, Life in Neopia may seem bad,
At times even sad,
But mark my words, we all have had

Our fair share of darkness, our fair share of light,
All through the day, and all though the night,
Even in Neopia, at Dr. Sloth’s plight.

Home to Neopia

Written by Carmen (_copper__516)

You took me from the land I knew
Neopia, from it you flew
From the desert, from the woods
From the lands with all the goods
From the faeries, from the sand
From the new Tyrannian band
You then flew to other places
Where they had no Poogle Races
I told you once, I told you twice
I don’t want this plain white rice
I always want the assorted kind
In Neopia, there you can find
I miss the pets, I miss the food
I miss the people who were not rude
I once loved, now I hate
I want to find the exit gate
I want to return, but it is blocked
I am so angry I cannot be mocked
I want to go back, far from here
In Neopia, I have no fear
Someday I’ll return, I’ll be back
I’ll be waiting to destroy this shack.

Wocolicious fame

Written by Glittermoon89

By Laura Dasaro
Once upon a time,
In a faraway land
lived a cute little wocky
who played in a band
He strummed his guitar
and recorded his songs
with his really cute band
that all the pets love
he wanted to play
at the concert hall
or maybe get a gig
at the charity ball
well he had a shot of becoming more
all he had to do
was go on tour.
so he went to faerieland
and he found a cloud
and he gave a concert
that gathered a crowd
he looked up in shock to finally say
I never thought it would be this way
he said to himself
as the crowd cheered
I never thought I would be here

wock E. Genie

Written by Laura

I am a psychic
come guess the card
is it circle
or an octagon?
You will get a reward
of 5 NP
for every right answer
you submit to me
and when you are famous
and are very rich
you’ll be thanking me
because I’m a psychic.

Mystery trip

Written by Laura

I went on vacation
to the mystery isle
and found some strange things
they were worth the while
I saw a strange creature
hiding in a
and I noticed
that it is
what we call a kougra nowadays
so I went into town
with my new pet
and went to the market
and bought a
toy sail boat set
so we went to the beach
and we sailed our boats
then we played tombola
and then we went home
not back to neopia
but to the rock pool
to go to the hotel
and sleep
until noon

Card Call

Written by Laura

The pressure was on
as I laid down my cards
and spectre was looking
like hes was going to call off my card
I started to sweat
I had only 2 left
and spectre
had 1
and I wanted to win
20 cards in the pile
if he withdrew I won
but if he called on my card…..
well then I knew I had blew it’
I knew I was done
so it was spectres turn
and he put his one card
and I called on the cheater
who cried to his mom
so now I was happy
to play any value
but I still got caught

The War

Written by sunisfun1

The war,
The war,
What is it for?
For greed and suspicion,
Young and old listen,
To hear for theyre loved ones return,
And an orb that started it all,
Just glass and magic inside Skralls hall,
And yet we desire to conspire,
Against our brother our friend,
All in hopes to win it in the end,
Why not let why not set free,
All this hatred sea,
Instead of poison and plot,
And brag what we got,
Just for the war we desire to blame,
The war is a candle,
Lets blow out the flame.


Written by sunisfun1

A coward hidden by his smile,
His thoughts turn greedy after a while,
Her hands bring to flight,
A male or not,
A darkened path without light,
Enter you unwelcome guest,
To plunder our money and steel our chest,
And yet you smile and nod and laugh,
I will cut that smile right in half,
for you have wronged so many rights,
And time has come to take you off this site,
So keep on asking what you will not get
I will make sure your punishment will fit,
And try,
Just try to play your game,
For with me the outcome will not be the same,
I dare you try your petty game,
I dare you try your lie.

Money in the Pawkeet

Written by Halloween

I sit and ponder and wonder you see,
if I should play Pawkeet or Brucey B.

Each one is the same the same is each one,
The both have that gift that can be won.

I start every morning with a java in sight.
While I click the max button with all my might.

I start with the bird which is no relation to each
One lives in snow and the other the beach.

A penguin and caw is what they are titled
But the riches are huge and not belittled.

I watch as a jackpot is hit not my I
and I write to that person with a big cry.

Please give me good luck just writing to you,
Is what I am saying from me to you.

Superstition you say? well a little I guess
But hey what the heck I could care a less.

I smile and say congratulations to them and oh how I wish
I could be them.

I keep plugging along with mighty force.
Until all of a sudden I’m on the right course.

I hit a bonus on the caw of a game
and scream with excitement and seem a bit lame.

Than all of a sudden I hit a big one!
I call out and say jackpot? No I missed one.

But it’s enough to play on since the game is high cost
because even with the jackpot I tenderly lost.
It’s there for us all,
It’s there to acquire, that is if the bird is out on a wire.

So here me now we all have a chance and soon enough we can
do the pigeon dance :).

Dedicated to all we addicts 🙂

Winter’s Here!

Written by Watericesage

Winter’s here, winter’s here,
My Quiggle’s favorite time of the year.
When it snowed he would leap for joy,
And grab his Gelert sled toy.
He would then go outside and play
Until the sunset at the evening of that day.
When he came back, I would say:
“Did you have fun and what did you play?”
He said: “Of course I had fun,
Playing in the snow and under the sun.
I built an igloo out of bricks of ice,
And I furnished it with my friends till it looked very nice.
We had a huge and fun snowball fight,
With wet snowballs when the sun was bright.
We made various snow foods that tasted like dung,
And we dressed up in snow, and had lots of laughs and fun.
And lastly we made snow sculptures or mans,
And if tomorrow snows, I would do it all again.”
I said: “if you love playing in the snow,
We should move to Terror Mountain, wouldn’t you say so?



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