Jman’s List of Currently Known Scams in Neopia by Jman

Kym Huynh —  December 12, 2017 — Leave a comment

Section 1: Extremely Obvious Scams:

I. Fake Login Pages
II. NeoMail Scams
III. Shop Scams
IV. Item Scams
V. Password Scams
VI. Staff Impersonators
VII. Program Scams

Section 2: Scary Scams

II. Cookie Grabbers
III. Creepy Shop Scams (different)
IV. The site is crashing!
V. You have been caught by the Neopets Team

Section 3: Extremely Fake Scams

I. Ooh, you little cheat you have been reported to the Neopets Team.

Section 1: Extremely Obvious Scams

Fake Login Pages:

This is probably the oldest scam there is and it’s totally obvious. Say you want to log in to Neopets. And then you go to the login page. If the URL isn’t ITS FAKE! If you would like to see an example of a fake login page, go to Sometimes, after you enter your info and your account is bye-bye, you’ll see a message such as this, HAHAHAH I SCAMMED YOU! I say it’s extremely hilarious but I don’t want it to happen to me. ;D

II. NeoMail Scams

You get a NeoMail from someone saying
A. They have a secret
B. They have a NP tripler or
C. There’s a glitch.

A. There are no dang secrets on Neopets!!!
B. No such thing. (DUH!!)
C. There are no glitches on Neopets and even if there were, and you took advantage of them, you’d get frozen. -_-

III. Shop Scams

Exactly the same as the fake login, only when you click on a cheap item in a shop, you are transported to the (i.e. A) login page. Fake Login Page. Extremely obvious. Just go back to the shop and report it. badda-bing-badda-boom.

IV. Item Scams

You get a neomail from someone saying if you give them so-and-so, they’ll give you so-and-so. (Note: Trading not via the trading post can get you frozen now) You give them so-and-so and they give nothing back. -_-

V. Password Scams

An EXTREMELY obvious scam. They say in a NeoMail, GIV MI UR PASWURD OR I REPORT!

Too easy. Just report THEM. Or, if your not on your main account, transfer all your NPs and Items to your main account, and give them your password. This is totally hilarious if you do this. They’ll report you for doing it and they’ll get frozen. XD!!!

VI. Staff Impersonators

You get a NeoMail from someone claiming to be Neopets Staff saying yadda-yadda-yadda but you have to give them your password for verification. Report them because, NEOPETS WILL NEVER ASK FOR YOUR DANG PASSWORD!

VII. Program scams

Someone says they have a program that “triples ur np”You go the the URL go to Neopets and run it. Wow! It works! And then about 30 seconds later *FREEZE*

Section 2: Scary Scams


You get a NeoMail from someone saying YOU have been scamming and you have to give them your password or they’ll report you. Don’t worry. They’re just trying to scare you. (fits with title DUH!) Just report them. -_-

II. Cookie Grabbers

You see a URL for a site that has “NeoPets Hacks” you go there and see a pop-up (very small) come up and disappear. “It’s nothing” you say and then when you log in to neopets you cant get in! Congratulations. You are the victim of a Cookie Grabber. Cookie Grabbers steal your cookies.(Def. Files in your computer that hold your information, password, etc.)

Once this happens, the scammer gets your password for NeoPets and many other things. Im sorry to say there is no way to get your account back unless they havent changed your Email and or if you remember vividly enough what their username was.

III. Creepy Shop Scams

This type of shop scam is very creepy. (Note: Only we people who walk around with about 100K get hit with this. :'() You’re browsing a shop and see a (insert extremely rare item) for 50 NP! You click on it a buy it and you only have 10,000 left. WTF?!?! The scammer did this and right as you were to buy it, he/she kicked the price up a notch. >_< No way to stop this. :'(

IV. The site is crashing!

You get a NeoMail from someone who claims to be Neopets staff saying the site is crashing and they need your password to save your account. Report them. Unless the username is theneopetsteam its fake.

V. You have been caught by TNT

You get a NeoMail saying you were caught for ____ and you will be frozen if you don’t give them your password. FAKE. Report em.

*** REMEMBER! TNT will never ask for your password***

Section 3: Totally fake scam

Oooh you little cheat. You have been reported to TNT!

ROFL X 2!!!

This not even true. It’s a little joke Neopets wanted to put on certain Mystery Pic contests.

*** Final Note: NEVER GIVE OUT YOUR DANG PASSWORD. And the Staff will NEVER ask for your password!!!***

***If you have any comments, questions, or things I should add, feel free to Emal me at or NeoMail me. (Username: jman987654567890. Alternate account: Agent00ScamFinder)

Thank you for your time, and attention. – Jman

Kym Huynh


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