How to Level up Your Neopet Easily by kkash_2_2

Kym Huynh —  February 27, 2018 — Leave a comment

Ok for starters you will need cash for this but I will tell you how to get it IS THAT CLEAR!

Good now that that’s over the first thing is that you should only use the trading school if your pet is to strong for the academy. If not then your about to lose money because codestones range from 3000-7000 (well the normal ones at least) and the one you need is completely random while the last time I checked dubloons cost 2000-3000 if it’s 1 or 2 dubloons so if your pet can go into the academy but is in the training school then pay for the course and if you need to look below for the money making part then do so.

Ok now that I’ve sorted that out I need to tell you how to make money and all you need is these things:

#A Neopets account that is activated.
#A pen and paper.
#Some Neopets games you’re good at.

Once you’ve got all those then lets get started. First make a list of all the games your good at an your average neopoints reward per a day (your neopoints reward x3).Next cross out the smallest amounts (preferably under 1000) and look at what you’ve got left and add as many as you can on to your favorite games list so you have a quick link. Now add all your neopoint rewards together and if the sums above 10,000 then it should be enough.

All you need to do now is follow this chart:

1 day = 10,000+
10 days = 100,000+
100 days = 1,000,000

See where I’m getting at here, with this it should be able to buy dubloons or if you need to codestones but don’t stop there’s more…

Another brilliant scheme is the trading post just do one or two brain tree quest (start a brain tree quest then do two Esophagor quests) for some rare petpets and trade them for dubloons or codestones on the trading post but if it gets too expensive don’t do it just wait for another day.

Next is much a much longer, riskier but well worth it method called the lab ray *spooky organ*.But think about it using the money scheme it could take 101 days to get the money (the long part) but think of the possible results like a new species (the risky part) or think about the advantages like cool colors and stats (the worth while part). If you do decide to do the lab ray remember it WON’T be easy and the results could be harsh and is not recommended.

Now you have the method, money and need items train like mad and DON’T do the following things:

#kitchen quests expensive and a waste of time all I’ve ever got from it is a stupid book.
#Use the training school when you could use the academy.
#Always use the petpet method as it only works for one or two dubloons.
#Pay millions for codestones or dubloons as the only reason to have all codestones is for the cool avatar I long for.

And one last thing if your pets level 100 you can’t use the training school BUT you can now go to the new hidden ninja academy yay. But now you need rare red codestones which cost 10x as much or you can go to the volcano make a list of the codestones you need in they go and out comes a red one. – kkash_2_2

Kym Huynh


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