A Different Type of Scam by pooglepetpets

Kym Huynh —  July 12, 2017 — Leave a comment

Its happened to many Neopians. You’re on Neopets, doing your usual thing, when *WHAM* you’ve just lost all you Neopoints and items, quite possibly your password has been changed too. Yep, you’ll later come to find out you’ve been scammed. When most people think about a scam on Neopets they think of something such as the the Neopets item/neopoint Generator where a person will ask for the username and password assuring the user that they will get any item(s) they want, I see this scam all over Internet sites about Neopets. Then there’s the cleverly placed login pages in shops, before you buy the item your after (usually a very cheap one) the login page comes up telling you to login, this scam is not very common as it is reported right away and stopped ASAP by the Neonates Team, the only way to tell it’s a scam is by looking at website URL, if it starts with anything other then http://www.neopets.com it’s a fake page. Lastly there are the people you find all over the chat boards, you know, the people that come up with lame reasons for you to give them your password… like ‘I’ll neo-sit for your Neopets while your away’ though most of these fall through as the board gets flooded will people who know better and post it’s a scam. Basically all these scams listed above are easy not to fall for as long as you know what to watch out for and remember not to ever give out your password, just like the Red Blumaroo says that bounces by in random events… ‘Never ever give out your password!’. Only people new to Neopets (these people are referred to as ‘Newbies’) get scammed for the most part, and this brings me to what I came to write about. Like I just said, only Newbies get scammed, and this isn’t your ordinary scam… if you were to think about it, what’s the point in hacking an account if it’s only a Newbie? Where’s the profit? Well the person that thought up this ‘scam’ was smart. They don’t take the Newbies accounts, they just take advantage of their ignorance.

I was looking through the Help Board as I usually do when I want to help people and alert people of scams when I saw a board saying that you could make neopoints by completing jobs for a guild. Of coarse, this sounded far too good to be true so I decided to check out these ‘jobs’ for myself. Like my instincts told me, I was right, this was too good to be true. The jobs were asking for items such as Chocolates that sell for thousands of neopoints in the shop wizard and the guild is only going to pay you 1,000 neopoints for them. You many be wondering why on earth someone would buy a chocolate for a few thousand just to re-sell it for only 1,000. The answer is simple, they tell the Newbies to buy the chocolate from the Chocolate Factory saying ‘don’t worry about the price they only cost 50-150np’, making it sound like a good deal as they will be re-selling it for 1,000 neopoints to the guild leader, they dismiss the Shop Wizard and any other option for buying the chocolate by saying ‘don’t buy chocolate from any other places but the chocolate factory hardly any one sells chocolate and the people who do rip u off hard so think to yourself what would u prefer 2 pay 100np or 1000np’ (Note: I had to edit that slightly as some words were badly misspelt). If that isn’t bad enough add an advertising job to the guild, where you you get people to advertise the guild in the Chat Boards and they can earn up to 10,000 neopoints doing so. Thus the guild has over 800 members, all of which are doing jobs by hanging around in the Chocolate Factory, Grooming Parlour and Toy Shop. The sad thing is they think they are making a great profit on the items by selling the items back to the guild leader when really they could be selling them for thousands more in their shops. A prime example would be Economy Jelly Beans, you can buy them in the Chocolate Factory for about 300 neopoints, the guild would pay you 1,000 for them, and you could be selling them for 12,000 as anyone else would be doing in their own shop. just like I’m sure the guild leader must do as well.

This is the best scam I have ever seen in my 17 months on Neopets and it NEEDS to be stopped as it is taking advantage of Newbies who don’t know any better. We were all Newbies once, so do the right thing and report the guild! Thankyou! And watch out of other guild scams, as they are out there!

Kym Huynh


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