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Kym Huynh —  April 16, 2018 — Leave a comment

As soon as I log-on to Neopets, this is what I do:

1.On school days, I wait a while then go to the Snowager at 4:30. Well, 4:30 where I am…

2.Then exactly on the hour or exactly thirty minutes after the hour, I go to Coltzans Shrine.

3.Same for Fruit Machine ^

4. I buy about 5 bottles of sand for 1 NP each then donate them, then I go play Tombola (try to go exactly on the hour or 30 mins after the hour). Even if I don’t win, he almost alwats feels sorry for me and gives me NP.

5. I play Meerca Chase (3 times)

6. I play Usuki Frenzy if my comp isn’t running slow

7. Sometimes I play Kiko Match 2. That games doubles your points (Ex. you have 100 points, you get 200)

8. Almost every day I spin the Wheel of Excitement and buy a scratch card. Now I get better scratch cards since I bought a lot before.

9. I go to Terror Mountain and refresh a lot. Sometimes you can get an Ice Negg or a Christmas Paint Brush, or even the “Great Ice Treasure” (some kind of treasure).

10. You can go to Mystery Island too and refresh. It has a treasure too.

That’s what I do each day on Neopets. Once I got up to 20,000 NP in one day. I hope this helps you! – linkin_luver

Kym Huynh


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