20 Ways to Start Neopets Easy by Richard Smith

Kym Huynh —  October 24, 2017 — Leave a comment

1) First of all start games that are easy for you, for example: Advert Attack, 200m peanut Dash, Chia Bomber 2, Dubloon Disaster, Extreme Herder, Flycatcher, Jubble Bubble, Meerca Chase II, Mootix Drop, Petpet Rescue, Rink Runner, Trouble at the National Neopian, Typing Terror, Volcano Run, Whack-A-Ghost, Whack-A-Staff-Member and many more in Action. (Note that you can only play these games 3 times a day.)

2) Invest in stocks; start with cheap stocks because they are most likely to make you money. They can reach to the price of 15 to 20nps per stock.

3) Get rich items from Mystery Island; Tombola, Lost Desert; Coltzans Shrine, Maraqua in the Maraqua ruins, Underwater Fishing.

4) Get free food from Tyrannia in plateau; Giant Omelette, http://www.neopets.com/jelly/jelly.phtml, giant jelly. (Note that you can only receive 1 per day.)

5) Heal yourself for free in Faerieland, healing springs after a Battledom lose. (Heal once per day.)

6) After every gain of money deposit your money in Neopian Bank to gain interest. (Gain once per day.)

7) There is other fun stuff like Faerie Quests, Neo homes, Kitchen Quests. (Note that it might not be fun for some people.)

8) Get cheap items from Shop Wizard. (Click back and forward to get the cheapest price.)

9) Train your neopet, to do this go to Krawk Island; The Academy. First buy a dubloon coin from Shop Wizard. Train in Mystery Island, Training School. Buy a codestone; they are usually 4000np. (Note that it takes 6 hours to finish the training.)

10) Buy a scratchcard for the cheap price of 600np from Terror Mountain; Ice Caves in Scratch Card Kiosk. You can only buy one every 6 hours in one account or anymore will get your account frozen. (Note that you might not get money or anything.)

11) Test your luck in Luck/Chance. (Might not like games.)

12) Play the Featured Game and get double your earnings. (Note that you can not surpass 1000nps per game.)

13) Do puzzles that are puzzling in Puzzle.

14) Look at the News and find something new.

15) Neomail your friend, keep in constant contact. Mail them around the world or in your nation. (Note that it takes a while to get your mail.)

16) Go to Neolodge in Neopian Central to help feed your pets or pet so you dont need to or help your pet get needed rest. (Note that the maximum of days is 28.)

17) If your pet is sick to see the cure go to Hospital in Neopian Central.

18) Get things, money and many more from the Money Tree in Neopian Central. (Note that you might not get anything.)

19) Get free soup from the Soup Kitchen for your Neopets or Neopet. (Note that the free soup is for poor people, under 3,000nps in your bank and pocket.)

20) Go to the Notice Board to find any thing you want or need, right. (Note that this is okay thingy mo gigy.) – Richard Smith

Kym Huynh


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