Why the Deserted Fairground Got Deserted by devil1142108243201

Kym Huynh —  November 28, 2017 — 4 Comments

Once, 23 child Neopians went for a day trip to the Haunted Woods. At the end of the day, the teacher told the children to go to the fairground to spend their neopoints. He told them that he would be going back to the school and would come to collect them at 5:00 pm, so they had one hour in which to play. All Neopian children would divide into pairs and go to different activities, so without the teacher, there would be 11 pairs altogether, exactly how many activities there were at the fairground. Each pair was happy with the activities they were about to do first. This is where each pair went and what happened there:

The first pair thought it would be cool to spend their neopoints at the Haunted Weaponry shop. They both put their neopoints together to buy a Rotten Jack-O-Lantern Bomb. But oh dear, the first one smelled the bomb and died instantly. The other one was shocked. He hadn’t died because he had a blocked nose, but he accidentally set off the bomb. There were blood and guts everywhere. That is how the other one died.

The second pair had enough money each to have a go on the Coconut Shy. But again, tragedy struck. The friend of the neopet who was having a go walked straight in front of the other neopet and got hit in the head by the ball. The neopet who threw the ball was so shocked at her friend dying that she had a heart attack and died as well.

The third pair went to play the Carnival of Terror because it was free to play, but both neopets got too close to the clowns and got squished to a pulp.

The fourth pair actually had enough neopoints for two ghost paint brushes. But when they painted each other, everyone was too scared to go near them, so they drifted up to heaven and were never seen again.

The fifth pair went to the Scratchcard Kiosk, but the person who was scratching was blind, so he scratched his friend to death by mistake; and after his friend died, he accidentally scratched himself to death too.

The sixth pair was strong, so they went to the Test Your Strength stall. But the neopet hit the base too hard, so the bell was knocked out of the tube, hit the neopet on the head, bounced off and hit the other neopet on the head too. So both died.

The seventh pair went to the Scary Food stall, where both bought pumpkin cookies and choked on the surprise inside. That sent them up to heaven.

The eighth pair visited the Cork Gun Gallery. Since they were the clowns of the class, they messed around, and eventually they shot each other.

The ninth pair went to the Spooky Furniture shop, bought a Spyder Wardrobe between them and got locked inside it. They both died from lack of oxygen.

The tenth pair went to play Bagatelle, but both took pity on the rolled-up Mootix pretending to be a ball. They went forward to rescue it, but the board fell on them; so like the third pair, they also got squished.

And finally, the eleventh pair, not knowing that the rest of their classmates were now dead, went to the Wheel of Misfortune. The neopet who spun the wheel got turned into a pile of sludge. The neopet’s friend had a go, hoping he would win his girlfriend back, but the same thing happened to him.

So when the teacher came back, the owners of the stalls told him what had happened, and none of them seemed bothered about it. So the teacher fled and told the story to everyone. So rumor has it that nobody ever visited that fairground again, and the owners are still waiting, waiting… – devil1142108243201

Kym Huynh


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4 responses to Why the Deserted Fairground Got Deserted by devil1142108243201

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