The Neopian Pound Neopets Nightmare by princess_night25

Kym Huynh —  July 26, 2017 — Leave a comment

Dont discard your pet! Have you ever stopped? Yes, just stopped for a little while, to think of whats going to happen to your pet when you dump it in a strangers arms, as your pet stares at you with eyes brimming with tears as you walk away? I guess not.

Here we take a look at some pets in the pound cafeteria. Look, how happy they are, drooling all over the food that the inexperienced chef is cooking. That firstly shows how hungry they are, and that means they might go very far for a mealthat explains the bones of a chia on the floor, with Lupes standing around, huh?

Next, they are hustled of to the playroom so that the next 1000 disowned pets can eat. That again, explains the number that is disowned every single day! The playroom is dark. One acara sighs. My owner had three other pets with her, excluding me. So she couldnt create or adopt anymore. My other sister had a Krawk petpet, and when she couldnt transform it into a Krawk, she disowned me. Sobbing, she turns away. This explains how owners chose rarity over love.

The playroom has used toys. Ripped chia plushies are everywhere. They fight for the best toys. Hundreds end up wounded. Sent to the nurse, they get a horrible burning paste applied to their wound, and are sent off again. Nighty night! the duty lady says, as she slams the dormitory door. Nighty night indeed. The pets are made to sleep on mattresses, with no pillow, with just two fans, circulating noisily.

The next morning, the brush their teeth with already used toothbrushes, then go down for some slop again. The process is repeated over and over again, until

Hey you! Yeah, the yellow bird, come here, this guy wants to adopt you! the man at the counter shouts. All eyes turn towards the Pteri. They gaze sadly and enviously at the same time. The Pteri is half joyful, half fearful. What if this new owner disowns him again? What then? Its almost as if its not worth living anymore. Wait a minute, neopets cant die!

Come on fellers. Stop disowning your pet. Adopt some more, put yourself in their shoes. I myself adopted my shadow gelert, princess_night25, and look what has become of her now! Come on guys, adopt, not disown! Just as neopets says, a pet is not just for Christmas, but for the rest of your Neopian life! – princess_night25

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